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Welcome to Belfioreland, web-home of the happiest touring family on earth.

What’s this about you ask? We took our three kids out of school for most of this school-year and we’re currently on a family adventure which includes travelling around the world.  We started in November 2015 and we’ll finish up in Summer 2016.

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Sound interesting?  Well, our trip isn’t over and  we want to stay in touch with you! Our kids will be a LOT happier if there are comments and questions coming from all of you back home, so:

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Part 1: US Cities

We knew we’d be travelling far and wide.. but our kids had never visited New York or Washington or any of the other great cities in the US. So… we decided we’d start our trip close to home.

The South
Washington DC
New York City


Part 2: Semester at Sea


On January 5 we left Ensenada, Mexico aboard the MV World Odyssey as part of a floating college campus called “Semester at Sea”. We were 5 of the 25 “Lifelong Learner” passengers who were travelling with about 550 college students and about 25 faculty and staff. Our kids were 3 of the ~20 kids aboard the ship.

We had an amazing time travelling aboard the ship … not just seeing the incredible cities and countries, but getting to know a wonderful group of people.

Life at Sea
United Arab Emirates
South Africa
Southampton, England: The Voyage Ends

Part 3:  Europe Solo

After the ship disembarked in Southampton, our family began another 4 months of travel on our own, through Europe.  As we started this last-leg, we had a lot of planning to do!  We didn’t know everywhere we’d go .. and we didn’t even have our flight home booked.  (For updates on our itinerary visit the “about our trip” page.)

Czech Republic
Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary



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