Welcome to Belfiore.land, 2020 edition — home of the happiest touring family on Earth. Follow along as we leave work and school in the Seattle-area for a four-month journey around the world.

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Big Trip 2020

Struggling through Utah’s National Parks

Today I am going to be talking about some of the hikes and beautiful sites we saw in Utah (essentially the worst parts of our trip). I will talk about the Delicate Arch, the Double Arch, Mesa Arch and the sunset, and the Little Wild Horse slot canyon. Arches National Park: Delicate Arch

Utah Rocks!

We’ve done a lot of interesting things all around Utah’s rocks including Via Ferratas, an off-roading jeep tour, and exploring the amazing towers of Goblin Valley state park. We enjoyed great views of rock formations and canyons and got to experience their beauty first hand while climbing all over them…. and sometimes even jumping off! … Continue reading Utah Rocks!

RV Life Part II: Driving, Sleeping, and the Godawful Stenches that make you Sick

So far, I have to admit.  RV life hasn’t really been what I expected at the beginning of our adventure.  It really has had its twists and turns (figuratively and literally) every day. So instead of writing a “typical” blog post, I’m gonna do a Q&A. How do you feel about riding in the RV … Continue reading RV Life Part II: Driving, Sleeping, and the Godawful Stenches that make you Sick

Yellowstone Wildlife: America’s Serengeti

There are many different kinds of wildlife in Yellowstone including, bison, wolves, badgers, elk, bears, birds, squirrels, wolverine, lynx, pronghorns, Meese, mountain lions, coyote, and more. Sometimes, you see them from a distance minding their own business, sometimes you see their young almost drown, and sometimes, very rarely, you see them attacking our own species.  … Continue reading Yellowstone Wildlife: America’s Serengeti

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Big Trip 2015

Four-and-a-half years ago we pulled our kids out of 6th Grade and 2nd Grade … for a 9-month trip around the world.

We toured the eastern USA … spent 4-months on Semester at Sea, a college study-abroad program that functioned as a “floating classroom” … and wandered on our own for another 3 months through Europe.

We homeschooled our kids … rode camels… ate mopani worms and puffin.   We reached Barfcon 12.   

It was truly amazing! Click the links at right to learn more.

Big Trip 2015
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