Welcome to Belfiore.land, 2020 edition — home of the happiest touring family on Earth. Follow along as we leave work and school in the Seattle-area for a four-month journey around the world.

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Big Trip 2020

Mom has COVID-19. Life quarantined just got more complicated…

I remember waking up one day for school back in November or December and seeing a breaking news article about a new virus that appeared in China.  When I read that article, I read it more for its entertainment value, rather than reading it out of real concern.  I don’t really like biology that much, … Continue reading Mom has COVID-19. Life quarantined just got more complicated…

Belfiores vs COVID: 4th-down… punt coming.

We’re getting plenty of people asking us questions about COVID-19 and our trip… we figured it’s best to just tell the story here… there’s “good news” and “bad news”. (Quotes intended for ironic effect.) First.. the Good News We’ve been having a very nice time in London, where the city is vibrant, active … everything … Continue reading Belfiores vs COVID: 4th-down… punt coming.

Video: Last day at home!

Today (Sunday) was our last day at home.. we’re packing, cleaning-up, getting our last work done, eating sushi & mexican food (kids request) … and we decided it’d be a fun idea to capture everyone’s thoughts and feelings before we fly out of here tomorrow. Enjoy…

Here we go again…

It’s late afternoon on a Friday … the skies in Seattle are grey, the Sounders are playing this weekend … but somehow today feels anything but ordinary.  On Monday, we Belfiores hit the road for BIG TRIP 2:  AROUND AGAIN.

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Big Trip 2015

Four-and-a-half years ago we pulled our kids out of 6th Grade and 2nd Grade … for a 9-month trip around the world.

We toured the eastern USA … spent 4-months on Semester at Sea, a college study-abroad program that functioned as a “floating classroom” … and wandered on our own for another 3 months through Europe.

We homeschooled our kids … rode camels… ate mopani worms and puffin.   We reached Barfcon 12.   

It was truly amazing! Click the links at right to learn more.

Big Trip 2015
Visit our Big Trip 2015 Site

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