About Us

If you’re visiting this page, then we’re guessing we haven’t made your acquaintance yet.  Nice to meet you!

We’re a family of 5 from Bellevue, Washington.  Here’s a little bit more about us…

Sydney (8), Piper (8),  Alexander (12) 
Our kids are delightful, curious, sometimes-outspoken, funny, and (we HOPE!) are beginning to develop a bit of empathy for just how different their lives are in the Seattle area than most kids around the world.  Syd, Piper and Alexander have attended Seattle Country Day school since Kindergarten, but this year as part of our Big Adventure, they’ve attended the excellent local public schools in our neighborhood.   They’re not sure how they’ll continue practicing piano or playing soccer while we’re on tour… but they’re pretty happy about homeschooling!

I graduated from Stanford in 1990 and spent 12 years working at Microsoft running recruiting (industry hiring first.. and later all college hiring).  After observing the scarcity of talented minority candidates for tech jobs, I decided to get involved in helping underrepresented minorities by joining the Board of “Rainier Scholars” – a Seattle non-profit which identifies talented, disadvantaged minority kids and starts an intensive educational program for them in Middle School.  I’ve loved this organization and have volunteered in various capacities—including Board Chair– for years.  Besides Rainier Scholars, these days I spend most time shuttling kids around and trying to improve my golf handicap.

I’ve been working at Microsoft since graduating from Stanford in 1990, most recently managing the “PC, Phone & Tablet team” within the Operating Systems group.  I’m very proud of the Windows 10 release we just finished this past summer (upgrade your PC right now if you haven’t!), so the timing for this trip has worked out great.  I love finding and creating great experiences for myself and my family, ranging from a recent Mt Rainier climb to playing drums in The Underhills.

If you’re interested in my thoughts on tech, including info about the products I work on at Microsoft – follow me on twitter! @joebelfiore

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello, Belfiore family, wish you all the best for your journey.I will follow your posts and watch your photos with interest. It’s certainly a nice idea and an interesting experience for all of you. Have a good time.I am writing from Germany. I came across you because of my windows phone 630 I bought last year and the videos I watched in connection with the phone and your presentation of Cortana.


  2. Dear Belfiores, I am a Semester at Sea alum who is taking my 12 year old twins on the Fall 2016 voyage. Have already learned something re the Kahn academy “offline” which I didn’t know existed! You are our latest and greatest inspiration! We look forward to hearing more about your adventures! On a personal note I would love to hear your comparison of the suite you are in vs #8001 which we have booked. We do not travel as “light” as you do and wonder how the space compares… if you could knock on their door. Your walk in closet sounded appealing! You can feel free to reply to the email address below!
    Thanks for sharing! Letitia


    • Hi Letitia.. Thanks for the content! We are off the ship right now for awhile.. But I’ll try to remember to visit that cabin for you.

      Also.. WordPress appears to strip out email addresses.. Maybe you could repost in human readable form.. Or just email me at the email address joe at belfiore dot org 😊


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