About Us

If you’re visiting this page, then we’re guessing we haven’t made your acquaintance yet.  Nice to meet you!

We’re a family of 5 from Bellevue, Washington.  Here’s a little bit more about us…

Sydney (12), Piper (12),  Alexander (16) 
Dad is writing just a few lines about our three kids. I was going to say “delightful” .. but .. ya know.. two nearly-teens and a driving testosterone-laced 6′ gangly young man are often not so delightful.

All three kids now know how to update this website .. let’s see if they get autobiographical. 🙂

I graduated from Stanford in 1990 and spent 12 years working at Microsoft running recruiting (industry hiring first.. and later all college hiring).  After observing the scarcity of talented minority candidates for tech jobs, I decided to get involved in helping underrepresented minorities by joining the Board of “Rainier Scholars” – a Seattle non-profit which identifies talented, disadvantaged minority kids and starts an intensive educational program for them in Middle School.  I’ve loved this organization and have volunteered in various capacities—including Board Chair– for years.  Inspired by the amazing learning that happens on a long journey to countries around the world, I also joined the Board of Semester at Sea, which I’m so thrilled to be supporting! Outside my educational work … I spend most time helping kids with their challenges and trials .. and trying to improve my golf handicap.

I’ve been working at Microsoft since graduating from Stanford in 1990, most recently managing the … ugh … I gotta update this old old bio. Maybe later.

If you’re interested in my thoughts on tech, including info about the products I work on at Microsoft – follow me on twitter! @joebelfiore

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