Danube River Cruise Part 1: Piper covers Germany and Austria

PART 1:  by Piper.

Dad here.  We knew that Sydney and Piper would be celebrating their birthday on our Big Trip… and since they had to forego a timely birthday party with friends and dinner at their favorite Seattle restaurant (Tokyo Steakhouse!)  … we booked a 7-day cruise down the Danube River with “Adventures by Disney” in part as a kid-friendly birthday for them!

Here’s Piper describing part 1 this “Adventure” including Pokemon Go, salt mines, marionettes, creepy coffins and a Mozart Concert…

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Twins Interview: Alexander, the Safari Target

By Piper, Sydney & Alexander

Piper & Sydney: We got a chance to go on a safari and it was very exciting. We are going to ask Alexander 10 questions about our safari in South Africa, as there were some things he hated, and some things he loved. There were some very memorable moments at Sabi Sabi (our safari camp) that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

1. How did you feel when I threw poop at you!? 🙂 Continue reading

Twins talk China: We Ate Chicken Feet!

Note from Dad:   The twins decided that for their next blog post, they’d interview each other on the topic of “foods in Asia”.   The interview below is Sydney asking the questions and Piper providing the tasty answers…

S: Which city did you like more Hong Kong or Shanghai?
P: Shanghai because we got to visit a Microsoft factory in a city nearby.  I also got to buy these things that are wheels that you attach to your shoes and roll around and they light up.  We also went to an acrobatics show where 7 people rode motorcycles in a round cage.

S: What is your favorite thing that you did, saw or ate?
P: My favorite thing I did in China was see the Microsoft factory.  I liked it because I got to see how my Surface was made. Continue reading

NYC… All About Skyscrapers (by Piper)

Our AirBnB: 448 West 19th St, NYCby Piper

We went to New York City and went up the Statue of Liberty, the Freedom Tower and the Top of the Rock. Every time l went up to the top I saw the city and it was a cool view. Our apartment was on the top floor– floor number six–so we had a good view of construction work.  🙂

Did you know? the statue of Liberty’s skin is as thin as 2 pennies. And from the top of the Freedom tower you can see where  the twin towers used to be. Continue reading