I Made A Phone App… Need 100 Downloads

Why would a 12 year-old make a phone app?!

Unlike most families, we have a family rule where in order to get a phone, you have to make a phone app and get 100 downloads. NO exceptions. I’ve been working and thinking about this app since December 2018, but have been working hard on it for the past month and a half.

Two years ago I started thinking about the content and making a website that could become the app. After that December I had school and didn’t really work on it for about a year. As part of homeschooling, I’ve been trying to figure out how to make an app that could host a webpage and kept asking my dad to help, but he always said he was “busy”. Finally now that were in quarentine, he found a way to do it. Now I have a fully completed app and can’t wait to get enough downloads and get a phone.

Download Here – Cutest Dogs

I’ve picked the cutest dog pictures I can find… and each week I will post a new dog of the week. In each dog of the week I will highlight a different breed or a different dog story. Also, there are pages about different dog breeds including Pomeranians, Retrievers, and more. Unfortunately this app is only available in the Google play store you wouldn’t be able to download the app if you have a iPhone. If you enjoy the app please leave a good review and tell your friends about it!

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