Danube River Cruise Part 2: Sydney on Slovakia Twins’ Birthday!

by Sydney.

Our birthday in Slovakia

I had my birthday Tuesday July 19th on the ship. People on the ship gave me a lot of happy birthdays! I also received presents. Piper gave me a Lego, Alexander gave me a Lego and cards Mommy and daddy gave us some gum and money. I gave Piper a nail file because she wanted a Swiss army knife because it had a nail file on it. Daddy made pictures of us from different countries. He hung them up all over the ship! Some were just with me and some were just with Piper and some were with both of us. I thought the pictures were awesome! Almost everybody on the ship knew it was my birthday! Continue reading

New York City Shows (by Sydney)

by Sydney

The shows in NYC are really fun and I had two favorites. They are different than the shows in Washington State. the shows in NYC were some of my highlights.

The first show we went to was in Radio City at Radio City Music Hall. I saw the Christmas Spectaclar. The main part was the Rockettes. My favorite part of the show was when they sang the 12 Days of Christmas. I saw Santa in the show. Santa Claus is in a lot of shows! Continue reading