Grand Tetons… “Moody Beauty”

Yellowstone sprawls. It's the biggest of our National Parks .... and so I found it ironic that there's another National Park just outside its borders! When I heard this, my first thought was... "that's so goofy! Why didn't they just make Yellowstone a bit bigger and include the Grand Tetons?" But .. ah.. the product … Continue reading Grand Tetons… “Moody Beauty”

Belfiores vs COVID: 4th-down… punt coming.

We're getting plenty of people asking us questions about COVID-19 and our trip... we figured it's best to just tell the story here... there's "good news" and "bad news". (Quotes intended for ironic effect.) First.. the Good News We've been having a very nice time in London, where the city is vibrant, active ... everything … Continue reading Belfiores vs COVID: 4th-down… punt coming.