RV Life Part I: the Struggles of Living in Close Quarters.

Hi, I’m Piper and I am going to be writing Part 1 of “RV life” and Alexander is writing part 2, so you can look forward to reading that as well. I am covering eating, riding in the RV, the pros and cons of riding in the RV, and my thoughts, without holding anything back!

In an upcoming post, Alexander will also cover driving, sleeping, and (the worst part) the bathroom.

Eating: We’re no gourmet cooks!

Eating is an interesting topic because we don’t do a lot of cooking. Nobody in our family really has a passion for making anything more complicated then cold cereal, except Sydney and I, but we have had a few meals in the RV. The first experience that we really had eating in the RV was, actually, cold cereal and oatmeal. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way that it is very difficult to eat any kind of liquid in a moving vehicle without spilling it everywhere.

The second meal, however, is much more interesting and we didn’t actually eat in the RV, but we did make our own food… well kind of. We were staying at a KOA and we were going to cook hotdogs on marshmallow skewers, but first we had to start a fire and that ended up being a lot more difficult then we thought. We had two fire starters, a bunch of matches, and some wood, and we found out the hard way that our parents are pretty incompetent when it comes to fire starting.  

The first fire we attempted, all we did was make a stack, or more accurately a messy pile of wood with a starter underneath, and as a result, the fire didn’t have nearly enough oxygen and it went out. The second time Sydney and I tried to start a fire, but we had a difficult time collaborating so we ended up with a very confusing and bad plan to add things to the fire after the match, and it did not go well at all, but we didn’t use the second fire starter. It failed as a result of our bad communication and lack of organization. Finally, I took a turn and after a few unsuccessful tries just using a match we stuck the other fire starter in, and it didn’t end up doing much but eventually, we finally got a fire going! And clearly we’ve learned from that experience because we made a fire last night in like 2 minutes.

Riding in the RV

Riding in the RV was not what I expected, in both a good and bad way. I definitely prefer riding in the RV to riding in the car. The RV has a lot more space, a toilet, outlets, snacks, a fridge and microwave, and a bed so it is really convenient to ride in it on our 6+-hour car rides. It also came with the unexpected plus that when we stay at KOA’s in the morning one of our parents can just start driving while we are all still asleep.

However, every rose has its thorns, and we learned pretty quickly that the RV is very loud and bumpy. Since it’s so bumpy things often fall everywhere, so we are always scrambling around trying to keep everything in place, and one time a big pot fell on my head. Because the RV’s so big it bounces around a lot, and as a result there is a pretty constant loud squeaky sound. Hence forth in the morning when someone just gets up and starts driving and I am asleep, I almost always get woken up.

Another unexpected issue that came up is that the RV has this distinct foot smell, and it had this smell even when we first got it. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of the bad smells. On day 6, I woke up at 6:45 to this awful smell that was so pungent, I grabbed a bunch of lavender and covered my pillow and blanket in it. As a result, I ended up smelling like lavender for the rest of the day. To my relief the smell went away once we emptied the sewage, a task that thankfully I did not have to do.

My final complaints are that we can only charge our electronics when we’re plugged in at a KOA. Well, actually we can, we just don’t because, to charge when we’re not plugged in we have to turn on the generator which makes a really irritating buzzing noise and uses up a ton of gas. We also have to turn on the generator to use the AC in the back and use the microwave… so, it gets very hot back where I sit. The other thing that worries me is that one time I spilled my water everywhere and when I went to wipe it up off the seat the paper towel came back up brown, which is concerning because that where I sleep.

Pros and Cons of the RV and my thoughts

Once again there are a lot of good and bad things about the RV, so for your and my convivence I made a Pros and Cons list. Consequentially there are 11 pros and 10 cons. My thoughts on renting an RV and driving around like we are, are that I would definitely recommend getting one. I just don’t think it’s for me personally. I’m more of an indoor person. In my defense though, I was born into a generation where we love air conditioning, and being in dark rooms with screens, so getting some fresh air is definitely important. However, I wouldn’t recommend that anyone should have to suffer through nearly as many hikes as we have to go on, I would never wish that upon my worst enemy, its torturous.


  • More space
  • Sort of a place to call home
  • Food
  • Bathroom
  • Gives us more flexibility travel wise AKA a lot of mobility
  • Can sleep in more when staying at a KOA
  • Outlets
  • Beds
  • Don’t have to wear seat belts
  • Gives us the opportunity to bring more stuff like a blanket in my case
  • Allows me to spend some time away from the rest of my family


  • Still cramped
  • No one wants to sit in the passenger’s seat
  • Everything always slides around
  • No air-conditioning in the back
  • Outlets only work with generator or if the RV is plugged in
  • Smell
  • Must empty sewage
  • Loud
  • Bumpy
  • Dirty?

You guys can look forward for the Part 2 of “RV Life” by Alexander in the future, but considering his history of meeting deadlines it may be a while!

14 thoughts on “RV Life Part I: the Struggles of Living in Close Quarters.

  1. I would like to make VERY clear that while I may not have a good history of deadlines… I finished my part before piper finished her part.


    1. I don’t seem to be able to find part two by Alexander. I see where he said he finished it, but I’m assuming it hasn’t be to the press yet?


  2. I love these post whether they meet the deadlines or not. I may not read the entire story all the time, but I have a question. I understand that you must leave the R/V in Denver. How will the family be traveling from there? Just curious. Keep on Trucking and writing. It is very interesting as well as entertaining. Life in the R/V sounds very similar to life on our boat. Take care everyone!


    1. Once we leave the RV in Denver we are going to fly to Florida and visit some family there, then go to Puerto Rico for our cousins birthday, and then we fly back to Florida on Sydney’s and My birthday, and then where gonna spend a few days at Disney, then fly home.


      1. Thanks Piper, keep on writing. It’s nice to know what’s a happening with family and the stuff you do and see across the country. Hope your mom is feeling better. Oh, where is part two? Alexander said it was finished I didn’t see it. Okay safe travels


  3. This sounds fun in some ways (more comfortable than sleeping in a tent) but I am wondering: Does anyone get carsick in your RV travels? Also, did your dad share the Caveman BBQ story when he, Brian Fleming, and Jan tried to make fire with no matches or lighter? That’s a good one.


  4. Piper, I really love hearing your “voice” in this entry. It was honest, clear and hilarious. Can’t wait to read more! I too am leery of bad smells and dirty upholstery. One trick I learned in my travels is to keep a small container of Vick’s Vapo Rub. A tiny dab next to your nostrils quell many bad smells. Sorry the hikes have been hard! You are tough to make it to the end even though it’s not your favorite thing. Admirable!


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