Full-Circle, Twice Around: my Big #HitRefresh

by Joe

OK, you’ve seen each of the kids post their “one-year back” blog entries… and this is mine.  Except I’m trying something a little different this time,  I wrote mine from a “PROFESSIONAL” perspective and put it on LinkedIn.   After all, you know all about the TRIP but what you don’t know is how the trip affected a year of life AT WORK.

SO here it is… for all you professionals:


It’s a year after our trip. I’m in 8th grade. You know what that means???

by Alexander

1I had hoped that by the end of the trip, I wouldn’t have to write any more blog posts. 2Apparently I was wrong– My dad is making me write one more for the one year anniversary of our return home.  3I could argue that this is a waste of my time.  4I am stuck on a plane, and I could be finishing my summer reading, on which I’ve certainly procrastinated, or I could finish an SSAT practice test I’ve already started, or I could just be watching a movie… all of which I probably should have done more of this summer.  5But no.  6Here I am, sitting in seat 34C of American Airlines flight 943, giving myself a taste of the past.

7You know, it’s a pain to have to take the SSAT, so to give you the agony of how I feel… in the middle of my own practice test:  8Here’s a practice SSAT for you (That means it doesn’t count.).

1. What is the literary device used in sentence 6 of the  passage?

(A)      Hyperbole
(B)      Alliteration
(C)      Personification
(D)      Synesthesia
(E)      Metaphor Continue reading

Big Trip: Looking Back, One Year Later

by Sydney

First thing I am going to talk about is how I feel about coming back from the big trip. Second thing I will be talking about, if we go back what I would change. Third, about how some parts of school, like writing and math, are easier now then others. And fourth  talking about sometimes it was nice spending so much time with my close family, and sometimes not so much.

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