Stats Page: Big Trip by the Numbers

We Belfiores are math-people.  (Hey — no giggling out there!  This is true!)

Want proof? Try asking one of us whether we were worried about traveling around the world in the face of ISIS and other unfortunate conflict around the world, which makes travel SEEM like it might be unsafe… and we’ll respond with an explanation rooted in the statistics of misfortune that might befall travelers around the world.  (hint:  motor vehicle trauma is FAR SCARIER than terrorism.)

Want more proof?  We can tell you how far we walked.  And how far we drove.  Guess which was farther… number of ship-miles or number of plane-miles?  Guess another — which was farther.. our total mileage, or the distance from the earth to the moon!?

SO, now that you’re interest is piqued… here’s the NUMERICAL view of our Big Trip!

Places and Distances
# of Countries 24

USA, Japan, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, India, Maldives, UAE, South Africa, Ghana, Morocco, England, Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany (repeat), Denmark, Iceland

# of Cities: 75

Seattle, Atlanta, Birmingham, Montgomery, Atlanta (repeat), Orlando, Trinity, St. Augustine, Charleston, Williamsburg, Washington D.C., New York City, Seattle (repeat), Honolulu, Tokyo, Matsumoto, Kanazawa, Shirakawa-go, Susono, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Kobe, Shanghai, Suzhou, Shanghai (repeat), Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City (repeat), Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Yangon (repeat), Kochi, Jaipur, Bharatpur, Agra, Delhi, Malé, Dubai, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Takoradi, Accra, Tema, Casablanca, Marrakesh, Casablanca (repeat), Southampton, London, Lisbon, Lagos, Seville, Cordoba, Granada, Alicante, Moraira, Peñíscola, Tarragona, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Madrid, San Sebastián, Paris, Geneva, Lauterbrunnen, Geneva (repeat), Split, Dubrovnik, Prague, Vilshofen, Passau, Linz, Salzburg, Melk, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Berlin, Copenhagen, Reykjavik, Seattle (repeat)

Total Miles Travelled 59,500
That’s 2.4x the circumference of the Earth!
.   by plane
.   by ship
.   by car
.   by train
.    29,335
.    22,942
.      3,022
.      2,701
 Total # of Steps
 3,018,000 total steps counted (some data missing)
that’s approximately 1,500 miles on foot for Kristina and the kids. Think about that for a second!  We walked FIFTEEN HUNDRED MILES over 9 months!Oh .. and if you’re a runner, the number is even bigger…  1,813 miles for Joe!
     Longest day
        of walking
16 miles for Kristina, 29 for Joe… April 7.  Marathon day in Casablanca!  Kristina did the half-marathon on the ship, Joe did a full.. then later that day 3 more miles of walking.

For kids… 14.7 miles on June 27 hiking in the Swiss Alps!

How many places and things?

We kept track of some key items and events too…

# of Photos 12,500 … keepers only!
GB of Video 141 gb
# of McDonalds
7 for the kids  (got to let Grandma choose it if she’s babysitting!)  Just  5 for the grownups.

See below for the commentary!

# of Pokemon
(# of upchucks)
12 .. the final count.  See below for commentary!

Click here to get a look at the # of photos captured at various cities around the world (yay, geotagging!)


7 McDonald’s Visits… the details
We know that most of you are thinking, ASSUMING, that we Belfiores will have gone to tons of McDonald’s and Starbucks all around the world.  Well… you’d be wrong about that.  (in fact, after we left China, we never visited another Starbucks.  That’s ~6 months without Starbucks!  In Seattle, I love it.. but it was awesome to avoid the Americanized-consumer kingdoms…)

As you saw above, we adults visited only FIVE McDonald’s in 9 months.  For us… especially considering the # of restaurants overall.. it was quite an achievement!   Here’s notes on what was special about each McDonald’s visit!

  • Kanazawa, Japan.  We’d been eating Japanese food for like 10 days, we needed to catch a train… And there it was like an oasis in the desert!   Cultural experience: Teriyaki burgers and French fries with white and regular chocolate sauce!
    Our last lunch in Kyoto!
  • Johannesburg  airport.  With only 20 minutes available before our flight to Capetown, we succumbed in the name of efficiency!  Cultural experience: none.  The kids couldn’t remember what chicken nuggets taste like.
  • Casablanca, Morroco. We needed to wait twenty minutes until a pharmacy opened so we could buy lice shampoo for Piper (who, interestingly, made it through the whole lice incident without throwing up!)… everyone was starving… so Ronald’s place won out over KFC. Cutural experience: hmm… nice bathrooms?
  • London, kids-only.  This does not count as a full visit as the children somehow managed to sweet talk their grandma and grandpa into McD’s while mom and dad had a date night. Cutural experience: well, the McDs had no tables and was take-out only. Does that count? (And yes, in London they serve ketchup and not vinegar!)
  • Barcelona, kids-only, takeout.  Date night for mom and dad, kids get to rest, hang out in Airbnb and play minecraft!
    Cultural experience:  ordering from the cool computerized screens!  (These appear in many places in Western Europe.  We don’t have these in the US, do we?)
  • Paris . We promised the kids one visit to MCD and we made good. Right in our neighborhood… and like 1/3 the cost of a regular cafe!
    Cultural experience: (1) ordering from computer screens, (2) happy meals with “Croq McDo” sandwiches (kids thought these were awesome!). (3) they brought the food to our table.
  • Switzerland. Car stop as we rushed to get to Geneva for a flight to Croatia.  Cultural experience:  None.  We were hoping for Rosti instead of fries, but that didn’t happen.  😦   I will say, my “Big n Tasty” burger tasted funny.


BarfCon: Who Made it to the Toilet (and who didn’t)

    1. Sydney in the brand-new minivan
      We were just 3 miles away from my sister’s house in Florida after an hour and a half drive from the Orando airport, when Sydney has a HUGE upchuck all over the floor of our– literally BRAND NEW–  minivan (like, it had 2 miles on the odometer when we picked it up). GIANT mess, requires the hose to clean up.

      Barfcon 1.  Just 15 minutes from Nancy's house in Florida.

      Barfcon 1. Just 15 minutes from Nancy’s house in Florida.

    2. Horsepoop-smell triggers it for Piper.  in Charleston, after smelling horsepoop as we were about to start a horse carriage ride, Piper coughed up the little-bit of food in her tummy. This was a small spit-up, just a 2.3 on the barchter scale. No clean up required. Some barfologists would classify this as merely a heavyweight cough or “gag with a little extra”.

      Charleston carriage ride: BARFCON 2.  Piper loses it right here.

      Charleston carriage ride: BARFCON 2. Piper loses it right here.

    3. Piper misses the toilet in the “Presidential Suite” at 1am.  We were visiting the microsoft office, who made a reservation for us at the Marriott in Suzhou China.  “Presidential Suite” you say?  Aah … yes, we’ve never mentioned the presidential suite before because we are so modest (and embarrassed!) that the hotel gave us a free upgrade because the hotel LOVES all the business they get from MSFT, they heard “someone senior” (cough) was coming, and the room was open.Anyway, it was about 1am and everyone was asleep except Daddy, who was up working on the blog when Piper ran up and said “DADDY… I BARFED!”.  Upon inspection, it’s clear Piper left her bed about 4 seconds too late for her projectile to properly acquire her target, the toilet bowl. Instead, the vomit pool detonated in a 1-meter ring on the (thankfully) marble tiled floor… as well as all over the front of her PJs.Piper was promptly stripped down and placed in the shower while Daddy practiced the ancient art of “MOUTH-EXCLUSIVE-BREATHING” to avoid being overcome by the Pew-trid stench.  20 minutes later with her clothes handwashed and the bath towels sopped…. the two of us went to bed with the rest of the family oblivious. Piper? Fine.
    4. Piper nearly barfs over the ship railing, Myanmar We had been sightseeing on foot/taxi in Yangon, the capitol.  A bustling, crowded city…  we ate snack food in a small restaurant including some items which weren’t “piping hot”. Oops.  We got back to the ship around 9pm and had to order dinner on the back deck since the cafeteria was closed. Piper came over and said she didn’t feel well… Dad said “you’ll be fine”.  Minutes later, she URGED us to take her to the room… so I did… and just in the nick of time we got to the cabin to witness a firehose shooting into the toilet.
    5. Kristina joins the club in Bagan, Myanmar.  On day 4 of touring scorching Myanmar, and after waking up at 5am for a sunrise balloon ride… Kristina lost it.  Here’s how she describes the ordeal:  “it started with a tummy ache, but soon I was unable to continue our bus tour and took a cab back and spent the rest of the day at the hotel. In the late afternoon, I couldn’t hold out any longer and threw up. Myanmar 2, Belfiores 0.  Thankfully, that was the worst of it. In hindsight, I think I should have passed on the papaya they offered after the balloon ride.”
    6. Piper loses her mopani worms in Capetown!   A tip… if you’re weak-of-stomach (and after 3 barfs we should have known Piper is) then STOP AFTER TWO MOPANI WORMS.  You’ll want to see this one on video…
    7. Piper repeats with number 7 in a *rough* night in our cabin sick all night.  She showed up in our cabin saying she wasn’t feeling well — so we let her crawl into bed with us.  After tossing and turning, tossing and turning… she made a sprint for the toilet and this time MOSTLY hit the target.  Mom was more more awake than Dad this time… so the Barf-clean count is pretty much even now.
    8. Piper in Granada eating eggplant & eel on toast.  It wasn’t THAT bad… she just psyched herself out!  (That’s 6 for Piper, 1 for Kristina, 1 for Sydney.)  Hint: if you’re eating something that’s a little unusual — DON’T THINK ABOUT IT while you’re swallowing!
    9. Alexander with a two-fer in Madrid.  Alexander delivers the two-fer.  After a family run where dad tacked on 3 extra miles (including a 7:45 in the sun), Z was light-headed all day and booted an entire waffle cone of chocolate ice-cream that evening, RIGHT in the middle of Plaza Mayor adjacent to hundreds of tourists eating their (gulp) dinners.
      Barfcon 10 ... then 11 ... in Madrid.
    10. (see above – this time he repeated in the toilet of the AirBnB)
    11. Piper tries escargot in Paris as we’re about to watch the Champion’s Cup game.  She holds the snail down for 45 seconds before realizing… she ate.. A SNAIL!!   And then it comes back up.
    12. Sam Tippett!  Our first guest barfcon traveller!  After riding in the back seat of the Belfiore rental car with Joe driving around windy roads, Sam loses his breakfast when we park to go kayaking.