The Dark Side

We didn’t want everyone getting the idea that our trip has been all smiles and tropical cocktails, or that we’re not telling the whole story on our blog…so for a few months we’ve been meaning to share some of the “dark side” moments from our travels. And finally, here they are.

By the way, a number of months ago, I ACCIDENTALLY posted an early and incomplete version of this blog (who noticed? It was called “Swing and a Miss”).  Oops. Subsequently, the kids saw that  parents also receive  “consequences” occasionally.  Read on to hear about the darkness that rained down on me as a result…   WARNING:  regurgitation photos below!

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Iceland Part 1: Volcanoes, Geysers, Waterfalls

We landed in Iceland at 10pm on a Thursday … and with the sun high in the sky, walked to the airport hotel to crash.  Considering the 2-hour time change from Denmark, we were officially beginning our journey (and adjustment) towards home.

The next few days showed us yet-another brand new world… waterfalls, rainbows, volcanoes, bubbling ground, exploding geysers, natural pools to swim in, new foods to eat.

But our very first activity was to descend 200m into the crater of a volcano– that’s the height of TWO Statue of Liberty’s– riding on the aluminum frame and ropes of a mere window-washing scaffold… Continue reading

Nearing the end: Hygge in Copenhagen

Denmark!  Our second-to-last destination!

I know a ton of you have already been here.. right?  You ALREADY KNOW this is the Land of the World’s Happiest People…  Bike Swarms…   Hygge…  Hamlet…  Niels Bohr…  LEGO…   Sausage Wagons… Smørrebrod…  Trunk-rides for Princess and the Pea…  Vikings…   The Egg…  and the Christiania “Greenlight District”.   Coolness!

Oh you haven’t?  Not sure what those all are?  I gotcha.


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“Preports” – Your family should do this too

It may be summer in the US, with all your “lucky” kids finished with school and enjoying their camps, playdates and lazy-mornings sleeping in…  but out here on the road we’re still cracking the whip on the Belfiore kids!   Our travel adventure is NOT all-about-the-fun, so homeschooling ain’t over yet.

Besides reading lists, Khan-academy math, journaling, blogging, spelling tests, times-tables and workbooks.. we’ve started a new home-schooling method:

Pre-port presentations!

Hey Deans John, Victor & Lisa… we’re training some future Semester-at-Sea preport instructors for you.  Take a look at these PPTs and let us know what you think!


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Berlin: Still Crazy After All These Years


26.5 years ago the Berlin Wall came down.

26 years ago, my friend Eli and I found 3 other Europe-travelers and rented a car for 24-hours to drive from the nation of West Germany into Berlin. (it was EXPENSIVE to rent a car and 24-hours were all we could afford!)  My oh my, how things have changed!

Let’s start with some photos from 26 years ago.

Berlin,  Then and Now…

…the Wall

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