Stats: Our Big Trip by the Numbers

We Belfiores are math-people.  (Hey — no giggling out there!  This is true!)

Want proof? Try asking one of us whether we were worried about traveling around the world in the face of ISIS and other unfortunate conflict around the world, which makes travel SEEM like it might be unsafe… and we’ll respond with an explanation rooted in the statistics of misfortune that might befall travelers around the world.  (hint:  motor vehicle trauma is FAR SCARIER than terrorism.)

Want more proof?  We can tell you how far we walked.  And how far we drove.  Guess which was farther… number of ship-miles or number of plane-miles?  Guess another — which was farther.. our total mileage, or the distance from the earth to the moon!?

SO, now that you’re interest is piqued… here’s the NUMERICAL view of our Big Trip!

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“Preports” – Your family should do this too

It may be summer in the US, with all your “lucky” kids finished with school and enjoying their camps, playdates and lazy-mornings sleeping in…  but out here on the road we’re still cracking the whip on the Belfiore kids!   Our travel adventure is NOT all-about-the-fun, so homeschooling ain’t over yet.

Besides reading lists, Khan-academy math, journaling, blogging, spelling tests, times-tables and workbooks.. we’ve started a new home-schooling method:

Pre-port presentations!

Hey Deans John, Victor & Lisa… we’re training some future Semester-at-Sea preport instructors for you.  Take a look at these PPTs and let us know what you think!


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Homeschooling Belfiores .. one says-it-all photo

Typical Belfiores

At one point on our trip a fellow parent teased me and Kristina by saying something along the lines of “the Belfiore kids aren’t allowed to use iPads, are they. :)”   I should have said “sure– but since we’re homeschooling, we want them to be doing creative work … writing, presenting, etc. … and there’s a better choice!

I was sitting in the airport in Dubrovnik and looked up at our family and noticed the scene above.  It’s our three homeschoolers writing their travel journals, creating powerpoints (seriously!  more on this to come),  drawing or editing pictures.  We didn’t MAKE them do this.. we just give them reading lists, pre-port assignments.. and the best tools in the world for the job.  🙂

What’s more.. beyond the 2-in-1s on their lap, I love the fact that there’s a Kindle, ukelele (thank you David Hornik) and stuffed dog all at-the-ready… and tha tthe two girls are both wearing Star Wars shirts!  Be still my beating heart! Continue reading

So… this happened in Cape Town.

By Joe.

“World-schooling” is about our kids not only learning history and culture.. but also recognizing that Bellevue, WA– as lovely as it is– really doesn’t represent what the rest of the world has to offer.   And that means everything from the socio-economics to the climate … to the foods our kids eat.

We love that the trip has caused our kids to stretch.  And we think a little suffering is a great thing.

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Homeschooling American History

by Alexander, Piper & Sydney

Dad here.   During our trip, we visited some of the most important sites in US History, and as we went, we talked a lot about what happened at each and when.  It became a “homeschooling habit” for us to sit at dinner and go around-the-table with each kid describing one of the major events in American history, one at a time, trying to remember the order, key people, reasons, etc.

After we got home we decided we’d do one more round of this– in writing!  So, we assigned events round-robin-style from youngest to oldest and then the kids sat and wrote what they knew/remembered about each key event.  

Alexander played moderator helping the girls fix up their prose… and below is the result.  Here is “American History as told by the Belfiore Kids!!”

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