Iceland 2: The End.


At 4pm on Tuesday we were sitting around “Joe and the Juice” in the Reykjavik airport, looking up at the Flight Departures monitor. Bags checked, we had an hour to kill before our flight.

Wistfully, I said to the kids “Hey — take a look at that board.  If I said you could pick one of THOSE flights instead of our Seattle flight.. and keep going for a month… which would you pick?”

Four of us chose an intriguing city we hadn’t yet visited and went with the hypothetical… Alexander liked the Canadian east coast. The other choices were in Europe– ready to skip out on our return home.

But Piper stood alone in her conviction. Even though we’d had an amazing time finishing up Iceland with a helicopter tour and silica masks in the Blue Lagoon … she knew that all good things must come to an end and great things were waiting for us back at home.

How lucky we’ve been … how lucky we are…  is not lost on us.

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Iceland Part 1: Volcanoes, Geysers, Waterfalls

We landed in Iceland at 10pm on a Thursday … and with the sun high in the sky, walked to the airport hotel to crash.  Considering the 2-hour time change from Denmark, we were officially beginning our journey (and adjustment) towards home.

The next few days showed us yet-another brand new world… waterfalls, rainbows, volcanoes, bubbling ground, exploding geysers, natural pools to swim in, new foods to eat.

But our very first activity was to descend 200m into the crater of a volcano– that’s the height of TWO Statue of Liberty’s– riding on the aluminum frame and ropes of a mere window-washing scaffold… Continue reading

Nearing the end: Hygge in Copenhagen

Denmark!  Our second-to-last destination!

I know a ton of you have already been here.. right?  You ALREADY KNOW this is the Land of the World’s Happiest People…  Bike Swarms…   Hygge…  Hamlet…  Niels Bohr…  LEGO…   Sausage Wagons… Smørrebrod…  Trunk-rides for Princess and the Pea…  Vikings…   The Egg…  and the Christiania “Greenlight District”.   Coolness!

Oh you haven’t?  Not sure what those all are?  I gotcha.


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Berlin: Still Crazy After All These Years


26.5 years ago the Berlin Wall came down.

26 years ago, my friend Eli and I found 3 other Europe-travelers and rented a car for 24-hours to drive from the nation of West Germany into Berlin. (it was EXPENSIVE to rent a car and 24-hours were all we could afford!)  My oh my, how things have changed!

Let’s start with some photos from 26 years ago.

Berlin,  Then and Now…

…the Wall

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Budapest: Yes, yes. I was Hungary for the duck too.

by Alexander.

Our family loved Budapest.  Despite the heat, we spent most of our time outside.  Whether we were walking over famous bridges, or chilling in Hungarian baths, we were having fun.  I hope someday we can come back to Budapest! (Or I’ll have to look at the pictures my dad tortured us with.)  Once again, a peek into my super-secret trip journal!  here we go! Continue reading