Twins Interview: Alexander, the Safari Target

By Piper, Sydney & Alexander

Piper & Sydney: We got a chance to go on a safari and it was very exciting. We are going to ask Alexander 10 questions about our safari in South Africa, as there were some things he hated, and some things he loved. There were some very memorable moments at Sabi Sabi (our safari camp) that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

1. How did you feel when I threw poop at you!? 🙂 Continue reading

Sabi Sabi Safari… African animals attack!

By Joe


OK, yes, I’ll admit a melodramatic blog post title sounds like click-bait.   But these DO WORK.  You should see the stats… when we title these posts with stuff like “Myanmar – 5, Belfiores – 0” or “This happened in Myanmar” … the clicks go through the roof.  So of course you might ASSUME that my “when animals attack” tagline is a cheap shot, right?   We would NEVER do that.  We had an actual, bona-fide animal attack… and the victim (one of our kids) was saved by a lodge employee wielding a knife. I KID YOU NOT!  I would NOT make up such a lie! You can see the photos and read the story below.  So.. press-on my curious friend,  press-on… Continue reading