The Dark Side

We didn’t want everyone getting the idea that our trip has been all smiles and tropical cocktails, or that we’re not telling the whole story on our blog…so for a few months we’ve been meaning to share some of the “dark side” moments from our travels. And finally, here they are.

By the way, a number of months ago, I ACCIDENTALLY posted an early and incomplete version of this blog (who noticed? It was called “Swing and a Miss”).  Oops. Subsequently, the kids saw that  parents also receive  “consequences” occasionally.  Read on to hear about the darkness that rained down on me as a result…   WARNING:  regurgitation photos below!

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by Joe

Try to guess– what was the NUMBER ONE DESTINATION CITY OF 2015 ranked by worldwide travelers on   Yes, Shields and Rytilä families, “Helsinki” was a candidate, but no… it was MARRAKECH.   (Of course I tried to verify this and include a link just now– but apparently the tripadvisor editors are following us Belfiores around the world and have now made London #1!. Lucky us!)

What’s even crazier is that we heard LOTS of horror stories about Morocco before arriving.  There was an email sent to everyone on the ship about the degree of sexual harassment that occurs (the ship community was 70%+ youthful females, many of whom would frequently travel on their own).  Some friends had told us that the people were surly and unfriendly.  We head that there wasn’t much english– only Arabic and some French– so communicating was difficult.  How would these two views rationalize?  Read on, read on…

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So… this happened in Cape Town.

By Joe.

“World-schooling” is about our kids not only learning history and culture.. but also recognizing that Bellevue, WA– as lovely as it is– really doesn’t represent what the rest of the world has to offer.   And that means everything from the socio-economics to the climate … to the foods our kids eat.

We love that the trip has caused our kids to stretch.  And we think a little suffering is a great thing.

Watch the video.  If you’re sharp-eyed, you already know how it ends…  but that doesn’t make it any less painful.  Or funny. Continue reading