India! 5 Cities in 6 Days…


City #1:   Kochi

Our ship pulled into the port at Kochi early in the morning, giving us a “free day” to walk around and see a bit of India’s southern state of Kerala before we’d fly out of town to visit Jaipur, Agra and Delhi in northern India.  So, we jumped on a bus with a bunch of Semester At Sea students and toured a local village and took in the sites of the city of Kochi. Continue reading

Myanmar: 5, Belfiores: 0

by Kristina


“Has anyone seen the monk?” When I was asked this on our ship, I thought, “Now that’s something I’ve never heard back in Seattle.” I used to refer to Myanmar as Burma — the only thing I knew about it was where it was on the map. Prior to our arrival, we met with and learned from a Burmese monk, U Nan, and a couple Burmese college students that the local people preferred Myanmar (over Burma)

Steaming up the river to Yangon, Myanmar!  Goodbye, Un-An!

Steaming up the river to Yangon, Myanmar! Goodbye, U-Nan!

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