NYC… All About Skyscrapers (by Piper)

Our AirBnB: 448 West 19th St, NYCby Piper

We went to New York City and went up the Statue of Liberty, the Freedom Tower and the Top of the Rock. Every time l went up to the top I saw the city and it was a cool view. Our apartment was on the top floor– floor number six–so we had a good view of construction work.  🙂

Did you know? the statue of Liberty’s skin is as thin as 2 pennies. And from the top of the Freedom tower you can see where  the twin towers used to be. Continue reading

New York City Shows (by Sydney)

by Sydney

The shows in NYC are really fun and I had two favorites. They are different than the shows in Washington State. the shows in NYC were some of my highlights.

The first show we went to was in Radio City at Radio City Music Hall. I saw the Christmas Spectaclar. The main part was the Rockettes. My favorite part of the show was when they sang the 12 Days of Christmas. I saw Santa in the show. Santa Claus is in a lot of shows! Continue reading

Sydney’s favorite things in D.C.

by Sydney

My favorite things in D.C. were the Newseum and the Capitol tour. I like the Capitol because we got to see Congress vote and convince people to vote for what they want. Our tour guide was really nice to us. She let us see what we wanted to see. We saw where the House of Representatives vote. I got to go in our Representative’s office. Her office has a couch, chairs and desks. I flopped on it like a monkey but mommy did not like that very much. Continue reading

Alexander on D.C.: Favorite Smithsonian museums

The three Smithsonian museums that we went to were The Museum of American History, The Museum of Natural History, and The Air and Space Museum.

My favorite museum was the Air and Space Museum because of its variety.  It has everything from World War I fighter planes to the future of deep space travel.  Oh, and we got to go see some IMAX movies, and the others, well, we didn’t have time. Continue reading