Day 18: Colonial Williamsburg

by Alexander

For the first time, I’ll be posting a journal entry from the journal I started at the beginning of the trip.  I’ll writing in it every 1-4 days, but YOU don’t get to see all of them so 😛.   It’s just that my mean dad sitting next to me is making me post one of my journal entries about Williamsburg (and who has EVER heard of Williamsburg), and I have to type this section instead of just copying and pasting.  The nice thing, though, is that I don’t have to WRITE in the journal, I get to TYPE it, so… I hope you like my journal entry, I have nothing else to say. Continue reading

Sydney’s Notes from the South

by Sydney

In the south I learned that people eat fried green tomatoes, grits and gator. I do not like any of those foods.

Did you know that South Carolina where we are now was the state that said that they wanted to be their own country. President Lincoln said “no you may not be your own country”. Other states like Mississippi, Texas, Georgia and other states too. They agreed with South Carolina. Then they started the Civil War. The south was going to be called the Confedurisy and the north was going to be called the Union. The north won the civil war and now we are all one country.

Alabama: Birmingham & Montgomery historic spots

Why Alabama?  Two great reasons:

  1. it’s got so much rich history in terms of the Civil Rights movement
  2. my niece, Kaylie, just started law school at Cumberland!

We decided we’d spend a weekend there, doing a 3-hour drive from Atlanta and really getting our kids focused on learning about the South and Civil Rights.  Our homeschool-story for the kids is “we’re starting American History with recent events and working backward.” Continue reading

Atlanta: Historic, Yummy and Fun

Our first city… Atlanta!  The perfect blend of educational and entertainment experiences to get our kids warmed up for endless weeks of museums and history.  (I’ll leave it to you do decide which of those CNN is. And the College Football Hall of Fame. 🙂

We spent two beautiful days seeing the sights, getting some historical perspective, setting up the first-effort on our blog, and one other “adventure” I’m writing more about below the first photo gallery.

Atlanta, Center for Civil and Human Rights

Atlanta, Center for Civil and Human Rights


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