Bon Voyage!


Beneath grey skies and the unsettling up-and-down movement of the ship under our feet,  we just finished our (surprisingly serious and thorough) lifeboat drill…  and with that we’re ready to go!   Within the next 30 minutes, we should be pushing out to sea.

We boarded the ship at around 10:30am this morning… and have been checking-in, eating lunch, touring, orienting, and waiting for our luggage.  The last piece JUST arrived.. WHEW.    I must say – we are VERY happy with the new SAS ship and its furnishings.  We have 2 cabins next-door, and they are GREAT.  A lot more room than we expected, and the kids seem very happy with their room!   The buffet lunch was also very good (steamed broccoli! Beef stew!  Creamy vegetable soup!  And Alexander said “the best pasta he’s had since Italy.”   I couldn’t make that up.)  The only bad news of the day?  NO BROADCAST TV.  You’ll have to cheer extra-loud for the Seahawks for us.

So… this is it.

The captain made an announcement that they are expecting “heavy seas” for the next 48 hours and warned all the passengers to wear closed-toe shoes whenever walking about and keep hands free for grabbing handrails.  We feel ready– patches are in place behind our 12-and-up ears—but who knows what we can expect from mother nature.  J

Oh .. I bet some of you will be interested in tracking our progress while at sea.   You ask, I deliver…

here’s a tracking map for the MV World Odyssey.

Enjoy.  Correlate it with the Pacific Storm and post a comment!  And if you want to learn a bit more about the ship, here’s a data page all about her.

Happy New Year!   See you in Japan!

Look at all the space in these rooms!

Look at all the space in these rooms!


This should work just fine. :)

This should work just fine. 🙂


The Lido Terrace. Games, cards... I bet we'll spend a lot of time here.

The Lido Terrace. Games, cards… I bet we’ll spend a lot of time here.