It’s a year after our trip. I’m in 8th grade. You know what that means???

by Alexander

1I had hoped that by the end of the trip, I wouldn’t have to write any more blog posts. 2Apparently I was wrong– My dad is making me write one more for the one year anniversary of our return home.  3I could argue that this is a waste of my time.  4I am stuck on a plane, and I could be finishing my summer reading, on which I’ve certainly procrastinated, or I could finish an SSAT practice test I’ve already started, or I could just be watching a movie… all of which I probably should have done more of this summer.  5But no.  6Here I am, sitting in seat 34C of American Airlines flight 943, giving myself a taste of the past.

7You know, it’s a pain to have to take the SSAT, so to give you the agony of how I feel… in the middle of my own practice test:  8Here’s a practice SSAT for you (That means it doesn’t count.).

1. What is the literary device used in sentence 6 of the  passage?

(A)      Hyperbole
(B)      Alliteration
(C)      Personification
(D)      Synesthesia
(E)      Metaphor

Answer: D

I guess I can multitask a little bit, right?  If you got the question wrong, I would recommend that you stop reading this blog post.  You’ll probably just embarrass yourself further.

2. Which sentence best describes the main idea of the passage?

(A)      The author has to write a blog post despite his desperate urge to do something else
(B)      The author wished he did more SSAT practice tests over the summer
(C)      The author procrastinated too much on his summer reading and regrets not doing it earlier
(D)      The author thought he wouldn’t have to do more blog posts but he does
(E)       The author wants to get off the plane

Answer: A

That one was a little easier.  I guess the author was just being nice that time.  First off, E is just a terrible answer.  B, C, and D are better but each only focuses on one sentence, not the entire paragraph.  Using process of elimination, A is the answer.

9I have already gone through one year of school, and am just starting another.  10Reconnecting with my friends was super cool, as they had changed so much for the better! 11As for sports, I am currently playing soccer, basketball, and ultimate Frisbee.  12I am still playing piano and ukulele, and have learned a little bit of guitar this past year.  13And you know what else I did?

14I took Algebra II over the summer.

15It was not fun, and it was so not fun that I am still wondering whether or not it was punishment for something I did, although now that it’s over, I’m happy I did it, hence the saying “No pain, no gain”.

3. What is the tone of the author in sentence 14 of the passage?

(A)      Jealousy
(B)      Pessimistic
(C)      Excitement
(D)      Charismatic
(E)       Jaundiced

Answer: B

Analysis: You probably thought it was E.  Well you know what?  I am the writer.  I choose what the tone is, and thus, the answer.  SIT DOWN.

4. In sentence 15, the author uses the word “wondering” in substitution for which of the following?

(A)      Thinking
(B)      Considering
(C)      Determining
(D)      Comprehending
(E)       Realizing

Answer: B

I learned a while back that random doesn’t necessarily mean different (Hint: The answer was B twice in a row.).   Gotcha.

16There are some more obscure things, though. 17Going back to a normal life was quite weird.  18No more travelling, no more long car rides, no more days where my mom’s step count would hit 20K, none of that.  19But I have been able to get back into pop culture… listen to new music, see the coolest movies, etc., and also to just be a normal teenager, living a normal life.  20I had felt like I had just started where I had left off.

5. What does the “K” in 20K of sentence 16 of the passage most likely mean?

(A)      Karat
(B)      Kindergarten
(C)      Strikeout
(D)      Kelvin
(E)      Thousand

Answer: E

Sometimes on the SSAT, they give you free questions.  If you got the free questions wrong, then you aren’t worthy of reading my writing.

21Thank you all for reading this blog post.  22I am also getting bored, and I want to watch a movie, so we’ll do a quick review.  23I liked travelling, but I am also happy to be home.


6. In sentence 21, the author uses the word “all” in substitution for which of the following?

(A)      Batman
(B)      Everybody but my dad
(C)      Jacob Rubenstein
(D)      The author
(E)      All of the above

Answer: E

Analysis: I think I’ll watch a horror movie.  It appears they have Friday the 13th… oh and they have A Nightmare on Elm Street.

They really should have a horror movie about a kid who has to take 5 SSAT practice tests.  Although it wouldn’t be scary, it would be quite disturbing.  I don’t know if I could handle it.

Okay I’m kidding.  It was a joke.  Chill.

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