Big Trip: Looking Back, One Year Later

by Sydney

First thing I am going to talk about is how I feel about coming back from the big trip. Second thing I will be talking about, if we go back what I would change. Third, about how some parts of school, like writing and math, are easier now then others. And fourth  talking about sometimes it was nice spending so much time with my close family, and sometimes not so much.

If we go back on another big trip I would be pretty excited, but I think I would want to change a couple things. If I don’t mention something it means that part of the trip stays the same. First I would prefer instead of doing the states again I would want to go to Australia, because it seems really fun and I was there in mommy’s stomach. I want to explore there and go to Sydney which I was named after. Have some fun. We would not spend so much time in Vietnam even though we had some fun. And instead we would go to Shanghai Disneyland during the time we wouldn’t spend in Vietnam. In India I want to do completely different things, because I didn’t really understand India and I would try something new. South Africa I want to just do safari the whole entire time. I love doing safari and looking at all the animals, it was my second favorite part of the big trip. A little less time in Ghana because it was just a hard country to visit for me. Two to five countries in Europe is good for me but one of those please be Iceland.

It was interesting when I came back to school, I got to see all my friends and it was great. I would prefer regular school over homeschool even though I think doing homeschool I learned more. When I came back some school classes were easier and different classes harder for me, but specifically three classes. For example Writing because we wrote a journal every day, it was easy, and math because we did math workbooks during the trip, it was also easy. Math and writing was really easy for me so I didn’t learn to much, but Spanish was a little harder because we didn’t do any Spanish, and I forgot all of it from Spain. By the end of the year I was fine. I really don’t think anyone in my grade is actually going to be good at Spanish when we leave in 8th grade.

Sometimes it was fun spending so much time with the family, like when we were so happy and excited. And sometimes it wasn’t so fun spending so much time with my close family. It can be exciting or exhausting. Sometimes it was really nice and sometimes it wasn’t so nice. For example when we got mad at each other, when it was crowded or when I wanted alone time. Sometimes it was nice because we needed one person to drive and one person to navigate. Or if we were sad we need someone to pull us up. But it was nice most of the time. And maybe I would spend that much time together or not.

Well, we had a good time and right after India I decided I wanted to keep on going. It was sad and happy on August 9th the anniversary of the day that we got back from the big trip, and that day we went to breakfast and had to eat fried green tomatoes. We thought about the memories and had a good day together.

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