At 4pm on Tuesday we were sitting around “Joe and the Juice” in the Reykjavik airport, looking up at the Flight Departures monitor. Bags checked, we had an hour to kill before our flight.

Wistfully, I said to the kids “Hey — take a look at that board.  If I said you could pick one of THOSE flights instead of our Seattle flight.. and keep going for a month… which would you pick?”

Four of us chose an intriguing city we hadn’t yet visited and went with the hypothetical… Alexander liked the Canadian east coast. The other choices were in Europe– ready to skip out on our return home.

But Piper stood alone in her conviction. Even though we’d had an amazing time finishing up Iceland with a helicopter tour and silica masks in the Blue Lagoon … she knew that all good things must come to an end and great things were waiting for us back at home.

How lucky we’ve been … how lucky we are…  is not lost on us.

In and Around Reykjavik

The charming city of Reykjavik showcased the quirky art and architecture of the Icelandic people.  Nautical themes were everywhere, the food was terrific (pyslur!), and we found not one but TWO “home-brew” volcano films, including one at the home/theater of the aging filmmaker Villi Knudsen where he runs it for you when you drop by (!).

And of course, it’s a quick boat trip to Akurey island to see Puffins darting around like living bullets



Our Last Adventure:  Helicopter Tour

We decided a really-big trip should end with a really-memorable activity .. so we took the kids on their first-ever helicopter ride up to the Þórisjökull glacier for a landing and snowball fight.

Really kind of summarizing the best of Iceland, we saw not only gorgeous mountain scenery, but the flight also included a stop at Hengill geothermal area, where steam comes out of the ground and you can sip from crystal clear hot or cold streams.


Blue Lagoon and Goodbye

With a flight home scheduled for 5:30pm,  we had time on the very last day to get up, pack, and stop at the Blue Lagoon on the way to the airport.  A mainstay for most visitors to Iceland, the warm water is full of silica and other minerals which make it a great relaxer either before or after a flight.



And with that… the trip was over.  We checked our bags for the last time, shot a little bit of interview video (stay tuned!) and said goodbye to Europe and to our life-changing trip.

Thanks for following along on our blog!

Reykjavik airport, headed home

Reykjavik airport, headed home

4 thoughts on “Iceland 2: The End.

  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful educational world tour and feeling the love of your beautiful family. Joe, you are so blessed to have such a loving wife and children and they are so blessed to have you as a husband and father. What a priceless gift you have given to your children,yourself!


  2. Will be great to see all of you. I doubt that you could have gotten a single experience into (and you are right it has been a life changing events that you will never be more proud) your schedule, SUPER JOB!!! Ed

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  3. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tour. I want to surprise my wife with the Iceland Helicopter Ride tour in Iceland on her birthday that will be in feb this new year. I am exploring TripGuide Iceland travel agency online for the same.


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