7 thoughts on “Today we’ve been gone for 250 days

  1. I am thinking of you guys. Reintegration will happen more quickly than you may want. SAS seems like it was years ago. We miss you. Looking forward to reconnecting when you are back in the states.


  2. Joe, one of your next projects should be writing a book, and your picture collection should be marketed. Looking forward to seeing in still the best place on earth. Know you will have a wonderful final week. Ed

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  3. Merci pour le 257 journée merveilleuse autour du monde. Bravo, pour toutes les histoires et photos.
    Bienvenue à Yarrow Point.

    Vielen Dank für den wunderschönen Tag Tour du 257 Welt. Bravo für alle Geschichten und Fotos.
    Yarrow herzlich willkommen.

    素晴らしい一日は 257 の世界を見学いただき、ありがとうございます。ブラボーは、すべての記事や写真。
    ノコギリソウ ポイントへようこそ

    Tom & Suzanne Knauss


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