PART 1:  by Piper.

Dad here.  We knew that Sydney and Piper would be celebrating their birthday on our Big Trip… and since they had to forego a timely birthday party with friends and dinner at their favorite Seattle restaurant (Tokyo Steakhouse!)  … we booked a 7-day cruise down the Danube River with “Adventures by Disney” in part as a kid-friendly birthday for them!

Here’s Piper describing part 1 this “Adventure” including Pokemon Go, salt mines, marionettes, creepy coffins and a Mozart Concert…

We had a lot of fun on the Disney cruse and my favorite countries were Germany and Austria but, the best part was me and Sydney’s birthday!

Getting on the Amaviola
it was the last day of Prague… we took a train to Germany dun, dun, dun!😈😲 and when we got off the train it was raining hard ☔💧.  when we got to are hotel we dried off a bit. By then it had stopped raining so we went to dinner. 🍔 No, we didn’t get hamburgers for dinner! We went to a German restaurant. At the German restaurant people didn’t speak English so daddy had to use his translator app.📱  But that didn’t work because the menu was in cursive writing and so we let the waiter choose food for us.  It was schnitzel with french fries.  Yum!

The next day daddy said that we should go down to the water because it was right next to our hotel. when we went to the water we saw the Disney cruise right next to our hotel!🌊🚢

We had two rooms on the Amaviola with really big bathrooms. 🚻🚾💩

Fact: Amaviola is the name of the Disney cruise ship.

There were lots of kids on the Amaviola, some of my best friends were Ione, Rile, Zoe and Emily. The kids and the grown-ups ate at different places, the kids would sit in the lounge and the grownups would sit in the dining room and have a really fancy dinner. Some nights the kids would get to watch a movie.📺 🎬 The two movies we watched was Inside Out and Zootopia. One night all the kids had a pirates night.⚓     Which means all the kids could have pirate face pant and balloons. Three kids got a really harsh scar. It was really creepy.


Passau, Germany

The next morning I woke up in a new town in Germany. The town was called Passau. There was very bad weather. After breakfast we did a walking tour of Passau. In the walking tour we stopped at a work shop and made marzipan. After that we went to one of the worst things in the history of the world.  A cathedral! Don’t worry we got out of there quick. After the walking tour for first time ever we played  Pokémon Go and I loved it! That afternoon we did a treetops tour of the Austrian forest and went to a beer brewery.  Mommy and daddy drank beer and we ate giant pretzels. Yum.


Austria: Salt Mines

The first day in Austria we went to a salt mine. In the salt mine people didn’t just find salt but they also found white gold. the salt that miners found in the salt mine was not white it was colored salt. Most of the salt was red. The salt mines were the oldest salt mines in the world, started over 2500 years ago. The salt mines were in Austria and crossed into Germany. When we were in the salt mines we went on slides that the miners used to get down low and we saw a movie that talked about what people did with salt back then.


we also got some free time in Salzburg to walk around and see Mozart’s house and the Mirabellgarten.


Austria Day 2:  Melk and the Abbey

Visiting Melk Abbey, Austria

On our second day, we went to the Abbey in Melk.  Kids and grownups split up and after visiting the abbey we went to a place where they had fishing, making marmalade, and wine tasting for the grownups.


Wachau Valley – Apricot farm

Every day on the Disney cruise every family would go on day trips. After we cruised through the Wachau Valley (it was raining), Mommy and Alexander went on a bike ride that me and Sydney couldn’t go on because the bikes were too big. On the bike ride a bird pooped on Alexander’s head!

Because me and Sydney couldn’t go on the bike ride we had to do something else, so we went to a apricot farm! When we got to the apricot farm first we went to where the apricot trees were. The owner said it was safe to eat apricots off the ground and they were really good. After we saw the apricot trees we went to where the apricots were made into apricot juice.🍻 We got to try some of the apricot juice and it was the best drink I have ever had!✔ Me and my friends called it sunshine because it tastes so good. After we had sunshine we went to a really bad smelling wine storage. I was the first one to get out of there man it was terrible in there!😖 After the grownups did wine tasting (it was the best wine tasting in my life because all of the kids got to have real wine without alcohol and sunshine!) YAY! ☺



Vienna.. Palaces, Coffins and a Concert

Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna!

The next day we went to Vienna and visitied Schönbrunn Palace. At the Palace the grown-ups and the kids split up. The kids went to a maze and I don’t know what the grownups did. After that we had a strudel show, saw a puppets sing and dance to Mozart and then our family had free time. We hiked to the top of the palace gardens, went to take the train but it wasn’t working so we had to take a bus and at the bus stop it started to rain hard!



In the afternoon of that day we went to tomb of Maria Theresia, the leader of the Austria-Hungary Empire.  Creepy coffins everywhere!  We also visited another cathedral and went up one of the towers to the top going by 304 stairs.


That night we went to a classical music concert and I knew one of the songs.


COMING SOON. .. Part II by Sydney, including our birthday!

2 thoughts on “Danube River Cruise Part 1: Piper covers Germany and Austria

  1. Happy Birthday! Love your photos of Vienna. We’ll be there next month. Cathedrals are cool. Just think of them as ART…paintings, sculpture, architecture.


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