Homeschooling Belfiores .. one says-it-all photo

Typical Belfiores

At one point on our trip a fellow parent teased me and Kristina by saying something along the lines of “the Belfiore kids aren’t allowed to use iPads, are they. :)”   I should have said “sure– but since we’re homeschooling, we want them to be doing creative work … writing, presenting, etc. … and there’s a better choice!

I was sitting in the airport in Dubrovnik and looked up at our family and noticed the scene above.  It’s our three homeschoolers writing their travel journals, creating powerpoints (seriously!  more on this to come),  drawing or editing pictures.  We didn’t MAKE them do this.. we just give them reading lists, pre-port assignments.. and the best tools in the world for the job.  🙂

What’s more.. beyond the 2-in-1s on their lap, I love the fact that there’s a Kindle, ukelele (thank you David Hornik) and stuffed dog all at-the-ready… and tha tthe two girls are both wearing Star Wars shirts!  Be still my beating heart!

3 thoughts on “Homeschooling Belfiores .. one says-it-all photo

  1. Knowing your burning desire to giving your kids more than your very best, the kids will be forever grateful for their best year of school they will ever have. They will relive this adventure and will enjoy a repeat of all they have done for years to come. Our trip was the best thing we ever did for our three boys and it was not just the sights and eating out all the time that tops the list of benefits, how about family bonding, getting by on little(not so true in your case), always meeting completely new environments, and just knowing you are seeing the real world. Gods Blessings have surely been looking over all 10 of us! Happy Traveling, Ed

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  2. From an Old Jewish Bubbe, Both you and Kristina are doing a great job!. Your kids writings during the whole trip were wonderful. Even if you let them near a KINDLE!!! Live Long and Prosper


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