by Sydney & Piper.


Sydney’s part:  the Paris Disneyland Park

We went to Paris Disneyland. We stayed at the Disney hotel. The hotel gave us balloons to play with. The only thing that we did at the hotel besides sleeping  was playing with the balloons. We were there 2 and a half days. Hit read more to see how favorites, main rides, best rides and how it was different.

What we did

We went on a lot of rides. I was really, really mad because I couldn’t go on the Indiana Jones ride and Space Mountain 2. Alexander and Daddy got to go on both of those rides when Mommy, Piper and I didn’t. Alexander and Daddy said that the rides were good. We were sad because so many of the great rides were closed to get fixed up for Disney’s 25th anniversary.

On the first night I saw a bad show with lights and music on the castle. I was just standing there looking at lights on the castle. I had a date night with daddy and he didn’t even get us a snack! At least if mommy was there she would of bought us popcorn. 😛


The main rides

Loads of fun at Paris Disneyland

The main rides were Space Mountain 2, the Indiana Jones ride, the Phantom Manor, Pirates of the Caribbean and It’s a Small World. I couldn’t go on Space Mountain 2 and the Indiana Jones of the best rides out of the main rides.

My favorite one that I could go on was the Pirates of the Caribbean. If Big Thunder Mountain wasn’t closed then we would have gone on that. It would have been my favorite and it would have been on the list of the big rides.

What was different
There were arcades on either side of Main Street. They were covered walk ways that you could go through if it was raining or haling just like the covered walk ways in Paris.

Arcades on Main Street

Arcades on Main Street

The rides that were different: Space mountain 2, Indiana Jones, it’s a Small World, Phantom Manor, Pirates of the Caribbean and Les Mystères du Nautilus. It was tour of the submarine from 20,000 leagues under the sea. Smoking was allowed. Blah. They did a good job doing French and English.

Favorites and least

My favorite things that I got or bought. Patch my new stuffy and my 101 Dalmatian t-shirt. My favorite dinners. Annette’s they wore roller skates. I thought it was a very bad idea. But I liked watching them. My other one was the Blue Lagoon inside Pirates of the Caribbean. We got a very special dinner. I got the very good tater tots but not better that mommy’s tater tots.




Piper’s Part: Walt Disney Studios

At Paris Disneyland one of the parks was called Walt Disney Studios which is a park that is not in the USA. I am writing a blog post about it. First I am going to talk about the rides and shows.

Walt Disney Studios, Paris

Walt Disney Studios, Paris

Moteurs… Action! Stunt Show Spectacular was a really cool show with cars flying going throw fire and up ramps. The best part of the show was that they explained how actors do really cool things in the movie.

Stunt show at Walt Disney Studios, Paris

Now I’m going to talk about the Tower of Terror ride. The one and only classic. The only different thing was Alexander sat where there was a hole in the ceiling, so if the seat belt did not work he would fall through it! Art of Disney Animation is a place where you can do all sorts of fun stuff. I did a drawing class and did a drawing of Winnie the Poo.

My favorites: best rides food and shows
The best restaurant in my opinion in Walt Disney Studios is Bistrot Chez Rèmy restaurant. The whole block where the restaurant is, is themed for the movie Ratatouille. At the restaurant I ate ratatouille and they make it look like you are rat size. The ratatouille ride was closed and when we were eating lunch we saw the employees were starting up the ride so we waited out side the ride and were the first ones on the ride.

The best ride in my opinion was RC racer. RC racer is a ride that goes up and down and up and down. I really liked it. My favorite show was Moteurs… Action! Stunt Show Spectacular which I already talked about.

The next place we our going to is Southern France where we will see the Tippett family! 😛

The end

One thought on “Twins blog: Paris Disneyland!

  1. Piper& Sydney: Sure enjoyed your visit to Disney Land, and that guy you hired to do all your photo shoots does a great job. Your adventure never slows down and you still seem as excited as you did during the your first month, keep up the good work and enjoy every moment. Have you thanked your parents recently for making all this possible? How about giving them a big hug and a kiss and doing something special for them every day for the rest of your trip. Happy Traveling, Papa

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