18 thoughts on “Kid Video: A Tour of our Paris Apartment

  1. I enjoyed watching your video. I also like reading all of your family posts. Your trip has and will continue to be interesting, unique, educational and just plain fun!
    We have been watching basketball games on TV with your grandparents. We juggle dinner plates on our laps!


  2. I enjoyed seeing how you are living and the narration with help from your sister! Alexander’s music at the end was a fun way to end the tour! Enjoy the rest of your stay. Being near the Pompidou is a great location!


  3. Great video, Syd! Excellent job guiding us through your apartment, Piper! Mia and Sam want to make a video with you next week! We can’t wait to see you.
    Mr. John


  4. Bonjour, mes amies! I’m so happy to see Piper finding her talent for acting. We want to hear Alexander sing more! WOW! Great job directing, Syd.


  5. Thanks for sharing the video. I love Paris, I think it’s the best city to walk around and see such amazing sites. Your apartment is in as perfect location for that! Thanks for keeping us up to date on how ya livin’ 😀


  6. You and Piper are too much fun 🙂 I hope you guys keep making videos because I miss seeing you all! I hope you are enjoying your time in Paris and I definitely need to read all of your blogs because they are awesome! Miss you guys!
    ❤ Jacki


  7. This is clara. Your apartment looks AWESOME!!!. When I went to paris when we got there it was pouring. Our apartment was a block away from a gelato place called Amorino. youb should try some!!!!!!!!


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