by Alexander

Once again, I bring you the contents of my ultra-secret TRAVEL JOURNAL!  Way more fun for you to read, way easier for me to write.  🙂


FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2016


Ugh.  I hate driving.  Our rental car doesn’t smell so good since we’ve all been packed in it for so many days.

After waking up at 9:00 (which is one of the earliest times we’ve woken up since our arrival in Seville) and getting breakfast at the hotel’s buffet, we started our drive to Barcelona.

We made two stops on the way, both in cities with interesting sites.  In Peniscola (yes, that’s its real name!) we climbed from the beach up to a castle which was used in filming Game of Thrones.  Then, hours later, we ate lunch in Tarragona– a city famous for the human towers they build– in a large plaza with a beautiful view of the glistening water. And went to a cathedral (no cut-off heads that time!)…  but you don’t want to hear about tiny and obscure cities in which you’ve got no exposure or knowledge of.

Still, here’s a few photos, since my dad really wanted them to get posted.


Now… let’s talk Barça.

Barcelona is a great football (that’s soccer to you) team that has an astounding top three forwards in Suarez, Neymar, and Messi.  They are arguably the best club team in the world and nearly always win the—

“Okay, no soccer.  These are JOURNAL ENTRIES, not some soccer rubbish.”

“Oh, sorry, Dad”

Shhhh… 😉

Barcelona is rivals with Real Madrid (the city we go to next), who often plays them in a game called El Classico.  These two teams are reasonably well matched, especially with Ronaldo and Messi playing against—



After arriving at our AirBnB, we chose to get dinner at a small seafood place just a couple minutes of a walk.  Remember– we’re still in the Spain Lifestyle, so dinner was at 10pm and we were still in the restaurant after 11pm.

SO, then we went to bed.  That’s my favorite time of day.  It’s the time when you can rest your feet and legs.  You don’t have to tire yourself out.  I’m telling you, travelling is tiring!!!




FRIDAY, MAY 14, 2016

I honestly don’t know how many times I’ve had Corn Flakes on this trip.  I mean, it’s everywhere in the world, so that’s what we normally buy for breakfast at our AirBnB.  And it was one of the four cereals on the ship.

Oh, um, give me a sec—

“Hey Mom!!  Would you hurry up with that email please?”

Okay.  Got that finished.

Like I said.. remember that this is Spain where you go to bed really late, SO you also wake up really late (well, the locals don’t– they take siestas. but we’re too busy for those.).  By the time we actually left the Airbnb on our first day in Barca, it was already 1:30pm.  That’s right.  It’s time for lunch!!!

We got lunch at a big restaurant (El Nacional) where they had like 4 restaurants in one.  We went to the tapas part where they walked around with random tapas, and you got to choose if you wanted it or not.  I wish they had these sort of things in Seattle, because they are efficient, and they’re pretty cool.

After lunch, it was time for us to go to one of the Gaudi houses.  Apparently, Gaudi’s teacher at his architect school wasn’t sure whether he’d be a brilliant famous architect, or a total failure whose projects nobody liked, and always cost a fortune.  I know this because we actually got a tour from Gaudi himself. YES.  You’ll see in the photos.

I liked the house.  It really gave the impression that every curve, every window, every single bump or scratch actually had a purpose.  That nothing was there on accident.


We then walked around on the Passeig de Gracia– a big shopping street– and at some point went to the Adidas store to try to get Sydney and Piper some running shoes.  There was also a surprise for me there.  A 50% off Chelsea jacket.  There was no way I was passing that deal up, as I couldn’t find any cheap football jerseys anywhere else (Well, there was the football jerseys in Morocco, all of which I expect were really cheap, but not all of which were real.).

For dinner, Mom and Dad decided to go out for an adults-only dinner while us kids stayed at home.  Fortunately, they let us get McDonald’s.  I think it was our 4th McDonald’s visit on the trip. We’re going to post a “stats” page on the blog with stuff like # of miles, # of McDonald’s and our Barfcon history in full detail (if you’ve noticed on the home page, we just went to Barfcon 10– and this time it was me!)  Anyway, the McDonald’s that we went to had some fancy computer that you could order with.  Talk about living in the 21st century!!  I love McDonald’s’ innovative ideas.

I’m serious.



SATURDAY, MAY 15, 2016

Bike tours are great.  You’re not walking, so your feet don’t hurt by the end of the day, and there’s a tour guide, which means there’s limited time in each attraction, and Mom and Dad aren’t boring us out by telling us that WE NEED TO READ EVERY SINGLE PARAGRAPH.

Bike tour of Barcelona, with Helena of Green Bikes...

We arrived at the bike shop, and biked around the city.  One of the most interesting things I saw, was what looked to be a ping-pong table, that was actually meant to play football.  You would never use your feet and arms, but would still attempt to put the ball over the net, onto the other person’s side.  There was also a hotel building which was perfectly cylindrical.  It was a very unusual building, and had a resemblance to Gaudi, except way more modern.

We finished the bike tour at the beach.  There were a lot of people all crowded into one beach.  There were lots of volleyball nets, all of them full of players having fun.  I wanted to do that.

We ate lunch at a tapas restaurant just off the beach, with some good eggs and Iberian ham, something I didn’t really like when we first arrived in Spain, but have grown on me in the past couple of weeks.

We rode back to the bike shop, and by 4:30, we were back to the large mall in Barcelona.  We looked around a bit, Sydney almost buying a pair of sunglasses, then we went to get dinner at a small Indian restaurant.  I have really grown to love Indian food on this trip.

FCB Barca wins La Liga championship!  Rally and parade through the city!

FCB Barca wins La Liga championship! Rally and parade through the city!

Our day’s not over yet.  Instead of going to the AirBnB, we decided to go to the Barça: La Liga Champions parade.  It was lots of fun.  We saw all the players (including Suarez, Neymar, and Messi) up close, and when the team pulled into the stadium, the crowd was enormous.  There would’ve been a great view of the square from the top of the double-decker bus in which the players stood.

We went to bed that night exhilarated, especially after that huge parade.



SUNDAY, MAY 16, 2016

After eating breakfast…

I don’t know.  Is going to arguably the most famous cathedral in the world as fun as walking in the middle of a football parade??

I’m excited for La Sagrada Familia.  (I’m not sure Piper is, though.  Piper hates cathedrals.  I mean she HATES them.  When we go to a cathedral, she whines and cries.)  It sounds like this cathedral will be a lot better than any of the others.

I wasn’t disappointed.

The incredible Sagrada Familia.

The incredible Sagrada Familia.


I really liked the Gaudi house that we’d gone to earlier, so I had high expectations for the unfinished cathedral.

Yes, that’s right.  Unfinished.

The inside of the cathedral was very modern, unlike many of the other cathedrals we’d been to earlier.  The columns were modernized, the stained glass was modernized, even the colors of the roofs were modernized.  It’s unimaginable.

We also got the chance to go up one of the towers of the cathedral.  The tower provided a beautiful view of the city.

It also had its cons.

Okay, its con.

The spiral staircase down to the cathedral from one of the towers, didn’t go around a pole.  It went around a hole.  It was kind of scary.  You felt like you were about to fall 10 stories down, unless you held onto the railing and backed down the staircase very carefully.

La Sagrada Familia was basically all we did today, which was actually quite fun, seeing as it’s my new favorite cathedral, something that’s not likely to change again.


That night we had our last dinner in Barcelona (paella again! yum!)… and we headed home. Around 11:30pm.  And tomorrow we leave to drive to… MADRID!

Last dinner in Barcelona!


2 thoughts on “Spain 3: Z loves Barcelona!

  1. Thanks again for your insightful travelogues. However, if you’re feeling homesick, this is what you’re missing: cloudy skies, drizzle and a high today of 50° F.

    Is there ever “rain in Spain?”


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