by Piper.

I had an awesome and exciting time in Granada and Moraira – two VERY different cities in Spain! It was really fun. If I had a chance to go back to Granada or Moraira I would go to Moraira. Read on to hear why…

The incredible Alhambra!

The incredible Alhambra.. in the rain.     (don’t worry… it gets better!)

Getting to Granada

When we first arrived in Granada it was raining. We went into a coffee shop and got some treats. I also bought an umbrella. After we went in some shops. Then we walked up a hill to an ancient Muslim neighborhood and ate dinner at a restaurant, on Mother’s Day. At the restaurant there was a great view of al Alhambra.

After raining all afternoon... the sun comes out at Al Alhambra, Granada.

Yay! the sun comes out at Al Alhambra, during our Mothers Day dinner! What a view!

That night we stayed in a “Paradore” inside the castle.` Fact Alhambra is a castle that was built by Muslim people, but it was taken over in 1492 by Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand, the King and Queen of Spain.

The great Alhambra castle

The next morning we had a tour with a tour guide named Beatrice. She was a very nice tour guide. The first place we went to was Palacio da Carlos V– that was a big round arena. Then we went to Nasrid Palace which is a beautiful, amazing place with a throne room and stars on the ceiling. There was also a Fountain of 12 lions.


The third place we went to was Generalife. This was the summer house the Royal family stayed in. In the tour we also saw gardens and chapels.

When the tour was over we saw the old part of the castle called Alcazaba it was a fort not a palace. After we saw the old part of the castle we saw the cathedral called Cathedral de Granada it was very big and I learned what gothic meant. Fact gothic means old and creepy. Fact this is the same cathedral we went to the day before, but it was closed. Fact this was not a gothic cathedral, it was a renaissance cathedral.


At dinner on our last night in the Paradore, we had a nose flaring contest and mommy could not do it (check out the photos!) so instead we did the Sydney. See what the Sydney is in the pictures. 🙂


Moirara… yay, the beach!

The next day we had a long car ride. It was three hours long. When we finely got to Moirara, we had a nice airbnb with five rooms and a porch.

Dad note: in keeping with our fine tradition of “no Airbnb is perfect”… this time whenever we’d turn on more than one of the electric space heaters in the bedrooms, the circuit breaker would flip and all our power would go out. Luckily, it wasn’t that cold…

Our AirBnB in Moirara, Spain!  Right on the beach!  Yay!

Our AirBnB in Moirara, Spain! Right on the beach! Yay!


After settling in, we walked around and saw the marina. It was very nice!

That night we went to Indian for dinner because we had been eating a LOT of spanish food and we had not had something different in a long time. I loved the chicken tikka masala because I missed it so much.

The next morning I read two books before I did any thing else. Because I woke up so early I had to help mommy and daddy clean the AirBnB. When I was done daddy got Minecraft on our Surface and we were allowed to play. We played for three hours while mommy and daddy read and used their computers sitting outside at the beach restaurant!



After that, we went outside and had a really good lunch at the same restaurant right next door, right on the beach.  When lunch was over, the kids went right onto the beach next to us and made a map of our Minecraft world in the sand. That night we had dinner at a cool restaurant that had a trampoline. It was a awesome! 🙂

The next day for lunch we went to the same restaurant, again, right next to our Airbnb on the beach. We had a very large paella. mommmy, daddy and alexander all shared it– they even had to setup a separate table to hold the pan!


That night we decided to leave our Airbnb early and instead go to Valencia to visit the Carrs and have dinner with them and Miss Sarah Bryar from seattle. The Carr’s are our friends from Seattle that moved to Spain for a year. In the car ride we were playing Minecraft on our Surfaces and I started to feel sick so I stopped playing. When we got to the Carr’s house we first played Ping pong then foosball then Xbox then Nerf guns. It was really fun

I hope you had a fun time reading my journal and finding out why I liked Moirara more than Granada.

The next place were going to is Barcelona…


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