by Sydney.

I loved Seville and our neighborhood!  The weirdest thing we saw was John the Baptist’s head.  Seriously.  Daddy took a picture, you can see it!

I also liked our Airbnb except for the one thing that we all hated except for me. Why? because I am a deep sleeper…


Our airbnb was great because it was big and the beds were comfy. But there was a bad side. There was banging on the wall every morning starting at eight o’clock. It woke up everybody except for me, because I am a deep sleeper, I just slept through it every day.

Dad note:  they were replacing the water pipeline inside the wall next to Alexander’s pull-out sofa. Ugh!  This wouldn’t have been so bad except (1) 1 hour time change from Portugal so it was 7am for us, (2) we jumped on the Seville-lifestyle bandwagon and ate dinner every night around 9:30 or 10:00 pm! and (3) on the third day– when the banging stopped, they shut the water off completely.  Sigh…   a lovely place, but man, Airbnb’s seem so rarely 100% perfect…

First day in Seville! Time for a city walk

First day in Seville! Time for a city walk



First we walked along the River. Then we went across the bridge and we went to a market in the neighborhood called Triana. The market had a lot of pigs legs hanging up for ham. It smelled very bad like seafood, because there was seafood. We stopped at three cafes for lunch or coffee and then kept going. When we go to restaurants we play cards, we just learned hearts.


We went on a nice river cruise. It was very relaxing. Mommy even fell asleep. I am happy that we took the small boat and not the big boat. it was a nice little Motorboat. I was happy that it was just our family and no one else. Mommy and daddy got a drink.


In Spain, everybody takes a nap in the afternoon, so we decided we would do that too.  When Piper and I got in bed for a siesta, Alexander ran in with the Ukulele and started playing Snuggle Puppies, a song made up by daddy. It was annoying. Piper and I couldn’t go to sleep so we went into the bathroom where it is light and we told each other our most secret secrets. Piper had some weird secrets.


They did a very good job dancing. My favorite acts were the first one and the last one. The food was not my favorite, but I liked the Flamenco dancing a lot. They were really good at tap dancing and something on there fingers that make a clapping noise, castanets.




Feria de Belez is a festival that only happens once a year. First we went looking for somewhere to eat and we found a restaurant right on the main pathway. Piper and Alexander said that they just ate their second favorite new food– tapas with egg, ham and French fries. After that we went on a horse carriage around the Festival then daddy got allergies so we went to the ride section.

We were really excited to go on rides. Mommy and daddy said that we can choose one ride that you want to go on but we went on four. The first one was a trampoline, then a log ride that you have to stay on then we went on my first hang roller coaster and last we went in a cage and you go in a circle and when, you get to the top if you jump you stay in the air. The trampoline was my favorite.



We went to two churches both of them weren’t that cool. They were like any old church. My favorite was hospital de Venerables. But it is really small compared to most churches. The other one was cool but weird organ. I did not like it too much.


We went to a huge Cathedral with mini Cathedrals in it. I really liked one of the mini Cathedrals. They had a huge organ. Also, John the Baptist’s head got cut off because he was helping Jesus– and they had a statue of his head just laying there.  It wasn’t as pleasant as a head on someone’s neck!  Look at the picture!

I liked the Cathedral more than both of the Churches that I talked about in the last paragraph. The Cathedral was very pretty.


The Seville Cathedral is where Christopher Columbus is buried. His tomb was the prettiest tomb I have ever seen in my life. There are the four founders of Spain carrying the tomb. They are holding an oar, pomegranate and other stuff that I forget. I would like to have a tomb like that. Cool fact: Columbus never knew that he went to America, he died thinking he went to Asia.


We ate a bunch of tapas, open faced sandwiches (bocadillos), oxtail and other weird foods that some of them I liked and some I didn’t like. Also we ate dinner really late, like 10:00 at night!. Now we are used to it. I don’t care if we go out late or early. It doesn’t matter to me, but I like going out late and playing on a playground, seeing other kids play in the city– and getting an ice cream on a date night with daddy.



There are many great things to do in Seville. My favorite place that we went to in Seville was the Feria De Belez because I liked going on all the rides. they had like every ride ever. and Papa would like their chocolate churros. If you go to Seville at this time of the year you have to go there!





4 thoughts on “Rain in Spain! Caballos y Siestas en Sevilla…

  1. I got very sick from eating churro with hot chocolate in Sevilla. I had to go to the hospital, so I will not be eating chocolate churro. We went on a carriage ride there. I’m happy you are having fun. I want to hear some of those secrets. I promise I won’t tell. 😚


  2. Sydney – I love your post. We were in Sevilla on our last SAS adventure and loved it too. Our family is in Iceland today and it is also raining. We were supposed to do a helicopter ride this morning, but once again it got cancelled. Can you believe that we are heading home today! It is a little crazy to think about. We will have to keep traveling vicariously through you and your family.


  3. Enjoyed your excellent coverage of Seville, your trip just has one highlight after another doesn’t it! Who is taking all those fabulous pictures? Between your written coverage and your pictures you will be able to remember everything about your trip. Enjoy every day, I will look forward to your next posting Papa

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