By Alexander.

Okay, two things. Number one. I know that Lagos is supposed to be this huge city in Nigeria that nobody’s heard about because heck, it’s in Nigeria. The point is, this is a different Lagos. Number two. The “s” in Lagos (only the one in Portugal) sounds like “sh”. I won’t have any of you scalawags saying it the wrong way.

And now, I have to do the REAL blog post. Ugh.

Lagos is about three hours south of Lisbon (By car, you scalawags!! Not by plane.), so after my day of nearly barfing about ten billion times, I was very happy to FINALLY arrive in the beach town.

We met our friends Simon and Louise– a prof and his wife who wrote the “Deans Memo” every day… and, some of our best new friends from the ship– at their vacation home.  Their vacation home overlooks the beautiful Mediterranean, providing an excellent view.  They made an excellent spaghetti for our dinner (Which was great, because I was certain I had an upchuck coming from that long drive, and as you scalawags know, that’s not a pleasant experience.).



Lovely Burgua beach, at the end of our long cliff walk!

The next morning, we ate some breakfast at the house, then left to go to the beach. Instead of riding in the car, we hiked along the cliffs to get to the beach. There were some amazing views, and I’m glad Simon and Louise took us on that hike.

We arrived at the beach around noon, ate lunch at the beach restaurant, and, well, let’s just say we had fun (I’m not trying to make you scalawags jealous, but it’s kind of hard to do this blog post without doing just that.) Simon brought a volleyball, and what a great idea that was. We played volleyball, we played soccer, I tried to get everybody to play rugby, but unfortunately, that didn’t work.

After our time at the beach, we went back to their house, and I jumped into the FREEZING pool.  Don’t make me do that ever again, Dad, even if it’s because I have to get some sand off of me.

On day three, Mom and Simon left at around 11:00 to go golfing, and the rest of us went to the same Country Club to do archery!!

We ate lunch afterwards, then left for the beach!!  This beach was different than the one we had gone to yesterday, it was slightly bigger, but was just as much fun.  Sydney and Piper built a sand castle, while I (you scalawags could take a pretty good guess) played volleyball.

We got up on our fourth and final day, and wanted to go to a beach for the limited amount of time we had prior to our drive to Seville.  The two beaches that we’d gone to the past two days were bordering the Mediterranean Sea, so today, we wanted to go to the Atlantic.

Just look at the pictures below to see what I did.

It was so fun.  My feet were numb, and felt like they’d freeze off, but the rest of my body was actually fine, despite being in the ~65 degree water.  And yes, 65 degrees is very cold for water.

I was super pumped when I was able to do it on just my second try!!  I was having so much fun that I didn’t want to get out when our one hour was up.

The lesson I learned… try new things, even if you know that you’ll be uncomfortable, or even in pain.  Sometimes, it’s worth it.

We had so much fun in Lagos, all thanks to Simon and Louise.  We would have never even thought about going to Lagos, or anywhere in Portugal besides Lisbon.


And now… on to Spain!

And.. PS – HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, MOMMY!  You are the best and we love you!  🙂

One thought on “Lagos: Portugal’s Paradise

  1. Here’s a little side note. The picture of me surfing on the icon for my WordPress account thingy is NOT me surfing for real. That would be me wake-surfing behind our boat.


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