By Alexander

Our time in the Maldives was AWESOME. Not only did we stay at a resort with white sandy beaches and exotic coral reefs with two other families, but the resort took up a whole island, and to get around the resort they gave us bikes.  AND I got to go on my first scuba dive!  AND we snorkeled, sailed, saw dolphins…Pretty great, huh? 

We were so excited to land in Male (the main island) from India and see the Bryar family at the airport!  The Bryar’s are our friends from Seattle who moved to Singapore about six months ago.   And about an hour later, the Orris family from Colorado showed up too– they are our friends from the ship who also skipped the ride to South Africa in order to visit the Maldives.

The island wasn’t just a drive away from the airport. There was a seaplane that took us to and from the resort. From the seaplane, we got an amazing view of the atolls of the Maldives. The water was some of the most beautiful water I had ever seen in my life. It seemed amazing to me that if global warming didn’t stop within 100 years, it could all be underwater.


This hotel rocks!

Our room was much larger than a normal hotel room with a sitting room, (which we had to convert into a bedroom) a living room, and two bathrooms.  On the outside, there was a patio with multiple lounge chairs next to what looked to be a treehouse, but without a tree. There was a hammock and a small wooden table on the top, and on the bottom was a picnic table. The best part, though, was the small pool that was next to the patio.  I’m so lucky to be able to stay at this resort.


Awesome snorkeling…

They do say that the Maldives have some of the best snorkeling in the world. And it’s true. From right off the beach we saw so many different types of fish and coral. We also got a chance to see a sea turtle not only swimming, but also peeking its head above the water to take a breath.  We also saw a giant clam. They were very large, and I didn’t know that some giant clams were blue!!


…And even better Scuba diving!

Alexander's first scuba dive in the ocean!  Woo hoo!

Alexander’s first scuba dive in the ocean! Woo hoo!

I also went for my first scuba dive in the ocean while we were here. I had a first orientation dive where we swam through a small reef right off the beach, but it wasn’t the best.  After that “practice dive” I went with my dad by boat to a reef that was elevated so that it was close to touching the surface of water.  Even though I didn’t have a scuba license, I was allowed to go down about 30 feet, which meant going down the cliff face that the reef was elevated on, and coasting along with the current.

On the reef, I saw an eel poking its head out from under a rock, and the largest school of fish I had ever seen!! I would guess it had close to 200 fish. I was definitely nervous at first, but just as we were finishing up, I was sad to get back into the boat, because I was having so much fun!  Unfortunately, we didn’t have an underwater camera during the dive that I went on, so the pictures aren’t from my dive.

Dad note:  we SCUBA-certified adults did five amazing dives in the Maldives… and on the second day we rented an underwater camera while trying NITROX for the first time.  The diving was fantastic, the NITROX possibly made us feel better/less-fatigued after our dives– and it was a fun experiment to chase-around underwater looking for great camera angles and enough light to capture the feel.

Enjoy the photos.. and if you’re curious for more, the whole collection is here!


We also spent lots of time in the pools.  In one of them, you could order food, and they would bring it to you right by the pool. We spent lots of time in that pool playing with the Frisbees Sydney and Piper got as part of their gift bag.

“Crusoe” Cruise

On the last day with both the Bryar’s and the Orris’s, we went on a boat cruise for four hours. We went snorkeling, (that was where we saw the turtle) we got to go fishing a little bit, and we went to a deserted island and built a sand castle. But as we were heading back to the resort, we saw a huge pod of dolphins, despite the slim chances that we would see any. There were multiple that came right up to the boat and swam with us, and it made me want to just jump on one. Out in the distance the dolphins were jumping and flipping in the air. I was amazed! We arrived back to the island way later than we were supposed to in order to watch the dolphins. They were so cool!!

There were some kids activities on the island, including a Kids Club that we normally went to when Mom and Dad went scuba diving. There was also a scavenger hunt that the kids could do. Sydney and Piper completed it, and they won free ice cream for the whole family!! That ice cream was good.

The Maldives was kind of like our break from the more-challenging travelling we’d been doing for months. There was no walking around and touring, no homeschooling, there was only time at the beach. Sydney and Piper had a great time too. I just know that if you consider Hawaii paradise, come to the Maldives, and then we’ll see what you think.

Next stop… Dubai!!


9 thoughts on “Maldives! The country I’d been waiting for…

  1. Wow, Alexander! This was so well written. I felt like I was there with you! And I wish I were there because its rainy and cold in Seattle! The pictures are so amazing. I am sure that you will put it on you list of “places to come back to”


    • So far, the Maldives has been my favorite country throughout our trip, and is also the place I would want to come back to most. If I ever do go back, I’ll be sure to get certified before we get there!


  2. Fabulous coverage as always, can’t believe all the experiences you are having and because of your reporting we get to see it too, thanks. Papa

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  3. Wow! I just saw the pics this morning (3/20. 6:AM) …they are beautiful. Thanks, Alexander, for your commentary. You do a great job! I am looking forward to meeting up….soon!!


  4. Those pictures are amazing. The Maldives look so cool. It’s like your backyard is all that water. If I were to go to one country right now, it would be the Maldives.


    • That is a perfect explanation of the Maldives.
      1. They look really cool and you get great pictures.
      2. Your backyard is a sandy beach and the best snorkeling in the ocean.
      3. You always want to go there!!!


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