Note from Dad:  when we visited China, the girls decided it was so interesting and new, that they would interview each other for our blog.  Last time, Sydney asked the questions and Piper answered.  And today  Piper’s got the questions and Syd wrote her answers…


Piper: Did you like India why or why not?
Sydney: Yes I did like India. The food was great. I liked exploring India. India is a great country. It is my second favorite country — Vietnam is 1. We ate at a restaurant that had every thing in gold. I also liked visiting a school and handing out tooth brushes. I felt good about that

P: What was your favorite food in India and why did you like it?

S: My favorite was the chicken tikka with rice because it tasted good and my favorite drink was mango lassie.

P: What was your favorite part of India why did you like it?

S: My favorite part of India was doing my first bargaining because it was fun. I bargained for a Elephant figure. I felt happy after I bargained and I felt scared before. The first price was 100 rupee and I got it down to 20 rupee.

Sydney does her first bargaining... time to buy an elephant!

Sydney does her first bargaining… time to buy an elephant!

P: What did you think of India before you went to India?

S: I was really scared before India because I thought that I wouldn’t like the food and it would be dirty and no fun.

P: What did you think after you went to India?

S: It turned out that I liked India and I was happy that I went to India. I would choose to go back if I got the choice. If I went back I would choose to go to the Taj Mahal again. I would also want to go on the elephant ride again. I would also pass tooth brushes out again or hand out globes

P: Is there anything else you want to say about India?

S: The Taj Mahal was the coolest place I have probably been in my entire life. It was cool because it was rare to see it. It is made out of all marble. I felt amazed when I got there and saw the Taj Mahal. It was cool to wear a sari.

4 thoughts on “Girls talk India… Interview time!

  1. Sydney, very nice write up and good questions Piper. Could you tell us more about what you both learned about the Taj Mahal? Also, you might interview Alexander!


  2. Piper & Sydney: you gals are doing a great job of recording one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, have you thanked your parents recently for making this trip possible? (give them a big hug also) Hope you are writing in your journals most every day. We think about you everyday and marvel at all you are doing, and are looking forward to meeting you in London! Keep your eyes and ears open to all the sites and sounds many of them you will not experience again, that’s a huge reason why you need to write in your journals all the time. Happy Traveling!! Papa

    Sent from my Windows Phone ________________________________


  3. Good questions, piper!! Sydney, I tried that chicken tikki dish at Costco…they were giving samples. I liked it too. I am so happy that you have seen how other children in the world live. I hope you will remember that all your life and think about how you can help to make their life easier. I think they were so excited to get a new toothbrush. Can’t wait to see both of you and Alexander in a few weeks. I sure miss you, but you are having a real adventure! Looks like you have grown. Live, MaaMaa Sent from my Windows Phone ________________________________


  4. Hi Piper and Sydney,
    You both look so beautiful in your saris! It is quite an experience getting dressed and all wrapped up. Was it hard choosing which sari you wanted? I love you both, you are growing up! Love, Lorrie


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