Note from Dad:   The twins decided that for their next blog post, they’d interview each other on the topic of “foods in Asia”.   The interview below is Sydney asking the questions and Piper providing the tasty answers…

S: Which city did you like more Hong Kong or Shanghai?
P: Shanghai because we got to visit a Microsoft factory in a city nearby.  I also got to buy these things that are wheels that you attach to your shoes and roll around and they light up.  We also went to an acrobatics show where 7 people rode motorcycles in a round cage.

S: What is your favorite thing that you did, saw or ate?
P: My favorite thing I did in China was see the Microsoft factory.  I liked it because I got to see how my Surface was made.

S: What was your favorite restaurant? Did you like the food there or did you like the place?
P: My favorite place was Noah’s Shanghai Yacht Club. I liked the french fries. Who doesn’t like french fries?  And we also got to ride in a golf cart to a boat.  Mr. John gave us a fancy stamp that had our name in English and Chinese.

S: Did you like the food in China is it normal food?
P: Yes and no, the no is the chicken feet and the yes is the fried rice. I liked some of the food, but not most. I think I liked the fried rice and the pork dumplings. I didn’t like chicken feet! And I had my first crab, and that was not my preference. If there’s one thing I really don’t like, it’s fish.

S: Is China like the China town in the USA. If not how is it different?
P: No, the real China is a lot dirtier. Chinatown in Seattle is probably one of the cleanest places compared to real China. China is dirtier than New York City even. The food in Chinatown isn’t the same as in China. In China, I had chicken feet and a sea cucumber. Sea cucumber was not like a cucumber because it was more mushy, soft, and squishy…slippery and slimy in your mouth; it feels like you’re eating a tongue. A sea cucumber is an animal.



S: If you could live in China would you choose to? Why or Why not?
P: No, because all of my friends and family live in Seattle  I live in Seattle so of course I would want to stay there. Plus I like American food which are hamburgers oh! I forgot to add the fries

S: If you had the chance would you go to China more than any other country?
P: No, because there it is too polluted and I don’t want to wear a mask and in my opinion wearing a mask is not fun. Neither is pollution or spitting on the ground.☁

S: If you got to go any where in China that you did not go, what would it be?
P: Hong Kong Disney because I think it is going to be fun. I bet it is like Tokyo Disney.

S: Is China your favorite country? Does it have your favorite city?
P: No, it is not my favorite country. My favorite country is U.S.A and my favorite city is Washington D.C..

S: So… did you LIKE China?  why or why not?
P: Well, I thought of it as a old and beautiful country.   I got to go to a Microsoft factory, where they make Hololens, Surfaces, and keyboards. They let me pick out a keyboard with a grey monkey engraved on the bottom of the keyboard. My Mom got a blue Seahawks keyboard.

I didn’t like in China when we had to walk around a lot. We got to ride up on the tram in Hong Kong to Victoria Peak, where we had breakfast of a biscuit and a huge bowl of ramen as big as a Surface. I ordered two things because I was really hungry.   Then we had to walk downhill for two hours.

4 thoughts on “Twins talk China: We Ate Chicken Feet!

  1. I was reading this in a restaurant and I was laughing like mad at some of your comments. You are funny. Good for you for trying all the different foods. I might like chicken feet if it was crispy, but yours didnt look so appetizing. I miss you so much. Please write more often.


  2. Welcome to China! If you have time you can visit more city in China. As you know China is a big country and different city have their different culture and different food.People in Shanghai like eat fish and other sea food, people in Sichuan province like eat spicy food, people in Xinjiang province like eat roast sheep.Next time you visit China hope you can have more time to experience different Chinese culture.
    Hope you can have a good time 😊 (By the way, your dad Joe is very popular in Chinese Windows phone users, we like him very much!😊)


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