Susono with friends

After eight packed days in Japan, we were fortunate to be able to spend a couple nights with my college roommate, Beth, her husband Hiro and 14 yr old daughter Emily. They have a beautiful, new house in Susono where her husband, Hiro, is a Japanese healer. Hiro also coaches the #4 Sumo wrestler in the world, Kisenosato Yutaka, who beat the #1 Sumo wrestler in the world while we were staying with them — Hiro was very excited.

Staying at Beth’s was a welcome, relaxing break for all of us. We were able to sleep in, eat where the locals eat, watch movies together in the evenings and enjoy some western food (the kids loved the pizza, cold cereal and hashbrowns). We also had fun at a local karaoke place – Elena and Alexander sang some great duets.

It was so nice to not have a schedule! Joe and I enjoyed 2 days which we didn’t have to plan or figure out how to get our family anywhere. We both received treatments from Hiro, who helped Joe and me with our alignment and me with my kidneys which he says will help strengthen my immune system (I have a terrible sinus virus/infection). Finally, I was awakened by a very small earthquake one morning at 5:30 (we’re on the 4th floor of a building) which was exciting.

And now, we’re off to Kyoto! We had a lovely ride here on the Shinkansen, including a great view of Mt Fuji!

One thought on “Susono with friends

  1. Sinus infection?!?!? NO!!!! Augh, I feel your pain Kristina… it too THREE different antibiotics to finally kill mine off… hope you heal up soon. Bummer! So glad you all were able to connect with friends in Japan – that is awesome!


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