by Sydney

Yesterday we went to Tokyo Disney Sea. At Tokyo Disney Sea there are a lot of cool rides. I may like Tokyo Disney Sea more than Tokyo Disneyland. This time me and Piper were tall enough to go on every ride.

The weather was very bad. It was cold, windy and pouring rain most of the day so we decided to go on inside rides so we wouldn’t get wet. All of us had rain clothes that are water proof. Alexander could not find his rain jacket so we bought him a poncho and mommy did not have a water proof jacket so she used her umbrella and the rest of us were fine except daddy’s feet got wet . Mommy bought me and Piper a umbrella. Me and Piper had a lot of fun with it.


Tokyo Disney Sea is a lot different then any other Disney park that I have been to. There is a huge Volcano right it the middle and if you go on Journey to the Center of the Earth you can go in the Volcano. It also has fire that comes out the top some times.

Some of the great rides that I recommend are 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Indiana Jones, Raging Spirits (if you are not afraid of a upside down roller coaster), Tower of Terror, Genie Movie, Sindbad Voyage, <if you like mellow rides.> Toy Story Mania. My favorite is Indiana Jones. I have been on all of those rides they are great. Every ride you go on they say it in Japanese, there is still some English so you can go up to some one and they can help you. All the rides in Tokyo Disney Sea they do not have in any other park.


The food was good — we ate lunch at a new restaurant, Magellans.  They also have so many different flavors of popcorn, like Black Pepper, Soy Sauce, Milk Chocolate and Curry. Their were about 75 people in line for Soy Sauce popcorn.

I was so tired at dinner. Piper fell asleep at dinner. When the food came I didn’t recognize anything. I kept asking mommy for her sweet and sour pork. I did not eat very much at dinner because the food did not look too good. I only ate the desert and the Rice.

Tokyo Disney is a great park if you have been on all the rides at Disney land and Disney world, all the rides at Tokyo Disney Sea are great and completely different and great.  I love Tokyo Disney Sea because I can go on new rides that I have not been on.

We left Tokyo Disneyland the next morning on the monorail, and we saw Mt. Fuji as we were driving away!

Mt. Fuji over Tokyo Bay

Mt. Fuji over Tokyo Bay, as we were leaving the Parks..

Goodbye Tokyo Disneyland!

Goodbye Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea!

11 thoughts on “Tokyo DisneySea… by Sydney

  1. How cool. Did you know you can use a plastic garbage pail liner as a raincoat/pancho? Just punch a hold in the bottom and pull it over your head. But you still need a hat.


    • Have I ever met you in person? Maybe if we known that we could have don that. That is a great idea were did you learn that did you learn it from a friend or did you make it up as you were reading my blog post? Is it hot in Florida now? It is very very cold, rainy and snowy here in Japan. I hope I get to meat you before you die. If you were on this trip what country would you be most excited for? Have you ever been to Disney world, Bush gardens or Universal Studios? If you have they are really fun if you have not it is like Tokyo Disneyland but more rides. If you read Pipers blog post it is like the same at Disneyland Florida. I know you will live a long life. Thank you for commenting so I can know who you are.


      • No, we never met in person. I’m your Dad’s cousin. He and I have the same grandparents. My wife, Amy, and I live in Port Charlotte, Florida. It’s cold for Florida. That means it’s in the 60’s. It starts to get warmer towards the end of February.
        We did a cruise around the world, it took four months, back in 2005. Favorite place was New Zealand. I remember Japan being very rainy and wet. We were on the Great Wall of China in February. It was VERY cold. I think you’ll like South Africa. Hope you get to the animal park or safari.
        The garbage bag idea was common from when I was a kid 50 years ago. Not everyone could afford a real rain coat.
        Do, try, taste as much as you can and remember to Enjoy!


  2. Thanks for writing all your posts. I love to read them and follow your adventures. I feel like I get to experience the trip too. I am glad the weather cleared for you to see Mt Fuji. It would have been sad to miss that. Like when people come here and never get to see Mt Rainer. You are not missing anything here at home other than lots of rain! Tell your mom I played 3 holes of golf yesterday and almost needed a boat! I hope you area able to put together some picture books of your trip with commentary as you go along. Then you will have them to treasure.

    Beth Campbell


    • Dear Beth mommy said hi and have not played golf for three months. I think it is really cool that you are a golf champion I wish I could be as good as you the best that I have shot is -1 on the purple tees. I have only beaten mommy twice. Did you have a good Christmas and New Years? I miss playing golf, soccer, softball and basketball with mommy. Is it very rainy in Seattle? it is very rainy and snowy here. Mommy has a very bad cold that she has been fighting for about a week. I hope you have fun this year.


    • Dear Papa how is the house there and the living there? we are still a little home sick. which room are you sleeping in? 2 days ago we had a small earth Quake it was the first one that I have been in. and tell the others that I say hi and I am having a OK time.


  3. hi!!! this is hazel and it looks like you are having a awesome time and i am missing you. i went to Disney Land to but it was really really hot and i went on a upside down roller coaster!!!


  4. Sydney, thanks for telling us about Tokyo. What type of popcorn did you like best? I would like to try the black pepper popcorn. Was it cool going in the volcano on Journey to the Center of the Earth? Yesterday I went to a chess tournament and I wish you had been there so we could have played each other. I hope you have fun in China. From, Sam.


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