Our AirBnB: 448 West 19th St, NYCby Piper

We went to New York City and went up the Statue of Liberty, the Freedom Tower and the Top of the Rock. Every time l went up to the top I saw the city and it was a cool view. Our apartment was on the top floor– floor number six–so we had a good view of construction work.  🙂

Did you know? the statue of Liberty’s skin is as thin as 2 pennies. And from the top of the Freedom tower you can see where  the twin towers used to be.


Up the Freedom Tower, NYC

Up the Freedom Tower, NYC

All of the towers looked small from the bottom and tall from the top. If you want to go to one of them I recommend the Freedom tower for view and the Statue of Liberty for facts. Every day I look up at the Empire state building. I didn’t get to go up that one.


My favorite part of visiting the skyscrapers was ice skating at Rockefeller Center and seeing the big Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center too. But the all time best thing was M & M’s world!

Ice Skating Rockefeller Center

Ice Skating Rockefeller Center

5 thoughts on “NYC… All About Skyscrapers (by Piper)

  1. Why did you like M and M’s world so much. What is it?
    I hear that you got to see the space where the twin towers used to be. What are the Twin Towers. Why aren’t they there anymore.
    Another question is a good one. How did the Statue of Liberty come to New York. That’s interesting.


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