by Sydney

The shows in NYC are really fun and I had two favorites. They are different than the shows in Washington State. the shows in NYC were some of my highlights.

The first show we went to was in Radio City at Radio City Music Hall. I saw the Christmas Spectaclar. The main part was the Rockettes. My favorite part of the show was when they sang the 12 Days of Christmas. I saw Santa in the show. Santa Claus is in a lot of shows!

The next show was The Accomplice. It is a game where you run around and try to save Delilah. At the end you got to see a play with Delilah. You had to save her from a witch. It was a lot of fun! We saved her.

The next show was Aladdin. That was my second favorite show. We went to Aladdin in Disney land but the one in NYC was better. It was really good. After Aladdin me Alexander and daddy went to Stellas Pizza.

The next show we went to was a Billy Joel concert it was my first concert. I really enjoyed it. We heard all the songs that we heard in the car to DC. My favorite Billy Joel song is the Piano Man.

The last show we went to was the new Star Wars movie Star Wars the Force Awakens. It was totally awesome. That movie is probably    my new favorite Star Wars movie. Except for the fact that Han Solo died. The night after the movie we saw a light saber duel at Washington Square. It was cool.


Some times we would see people singing or playing music for money. Some times they were good and fun. Some times they were bad and annoying. Most of the time they were fun though.

New York City!

New York City!

6 thoughts on “New York City Shows (by Sydney)

  1. You say your favorite Billy Joel song is “Piano Man.” Why. Do they play the piano in piano man. I’m wondering, did your whole family like the concert. If you could go to any concert in the world, which one would you want to go to and why.
    Why do you think people were playing music. Do you think they have a choice or not?


    • Dear Asher which teacher did you get? Is she very strict and mean? How is school? Do you behave in school? I hope to see you next year. And DO NOT PICK ON GRIFFIN.


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