by Joe

We had a terrific time in Washington DC … Our kids have written about some of their favorite stuff, but this post will give you a sense of the huge breadth we experienced in the city.  We REALLY covered a lot of ground, seeing essentially all the major sites (but not the White House… bummer!) and also spending time with family (Erica!) and old friends (the Myhills)…
Kristina would say her favorite thing in DC was attending a Supreme Court session, and I’d say my favorite was Ben Folds performing his new piano concerto with the National Symphony. Or maybe the glorious weather and scenery for running.  Or maybe hitting museums and sites with virtually no crowds since everyone is now back in school after thanksgiving..

Enjoy some of our best photos!


Tired Kids on the Metro

Tired Kids on the Metro. A long week of long days! 🙂

One of our good ideas
— at the last possible minute– was to hire a pro photographer to shoot some family pics for an hour on our last day. At sunrise (!). We had an 11am train out of town so this worked out great. These will make a great souvenir!


6 thoughts on “Washington!

  1. This is a good post. I enjoyed all the pictures. What memorial did you like best. Was their a family consensus, or no? I remember liking the Jefferson memorial a lot. What exactly was the Jingle Bell Run?


  2. I think it was so uncrowded because of the timing of our trip — we were there RIGHT after Thanksgiving. Kids have gone back to school, families have just finished their vacations… so there were not too many people in Washington DC. We are sure lucky that we can travel NOT during xmas break, spring break, and summer! Way less crowds!


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