by Sydney

My favorite things in D.C. were the Newseum and the Capitol tour. I like the Capitol because we got to see Congress vote and convince people to vote for what they want. Our tour guide was really nice to us. She let us see what we wanted to see. We saw where the House of Representatives vote. I got to go in our Representative’s office. Her office has a couch, chairs and desks. I flopped on it like a monkey but mommy did not like that very much.

My other favorite thing was the newseum because it was very fun.

In the news it said that Donald Trump is running for president he said that Muslims should not be allowed to go into the United States of America. Because he said that the white house said that he should not be allowed to run for president. In the Newseum I got to see a antenna of the twin towers, Vietnam war stuff and other things too. My favorite thing was being a news reporter.

5 thoughts on “Sydney’s favorite things in D.C.

  1. Donald Trump is a very grown-up subject. What are your thoughts on the subject. Sometimes, people such as Muslims are not liked by others. I encourage you to find out what other people are sometimes not liked, and how you can stand up and help them.


    • I miss you to. I’m so happy that I got to see you at the football game or I would be to so sad. I’ve had some tears for you. see you on new years. I’m exited to see you.


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