The three Smithsonian museums that we went to were The Museum of American History, The Museum of Natural History, and The Air and Space Museum.

My favorite museum was the Air and Space Museum because of its variety.  It has everything from World War I fighter planes to the future of deep space travel.  Oh, and we got to go see some IMAX movies, and the others, well, we didn’t have time.

We spent just a little time in The Museum of Natural History because there’s a bigger one in New York.  The part that we saw, though, was kind of boring.  It was about mammals and evolution.  The only fun part was getting a picture on my dad’s head in front of a HUGE elephant, and I NEVER get to sit on top of ANYBODY’S head.

The Museum of American History was boring in some places, and super fun in the others.  There were lots of different sections, some of which are the presidents, first ladies, war, and business.  I LOVED the business section.  There were a lot of games where you had to create the BEST business based on decisions.


My very, very, very favorite museum was NOT a Smithsonian museum.  My favorite museum was The Newseum.  The Newseum is a museum about the news.  They talk about how important the 1st amendment is for the news because the government can’t control what goes on the news and what doesn’t go on the news.  You can even be a newscaster with a green screen!

So after all this, I must say, I liked the Smithsonian museums, but some of the other regular museums were pretty cool too.



4 thoughts on “Alexander on D.C.: Favorite Smithsonian museums

  1. Wow Alexander. I remember going to all of those museums to. I didn’t go to the news one, though. That seemed pretty cool. What was your favorite part of the Air and space museum.


  2. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?? The news one was super fun, and it’s too bad you didn’t get to go to it. My favorite part of the Air and Space Museum was the planetarium. I really don’t know why I like round dome screens so much, but I do! 😀


  3. You said you didn’t like the Museum of Natural History. Did you see the Egyptian part or the Hope Diamond? When I went there, my favorite exhibit was the part about rocks and earthquakes. It was near the Hope Diamond.


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