by Alexander

For the first time, I’ll be posting a journal entry from the journal I started at the beginning of the trip.  I’ll writing in it every 1-4 days, but YOU don’t get to see all of them so 😛.   It’s just that my mean dad sitting next to me is making me post one of my journal entries about Williamsburg (and who has EVER heard of Williamsburg), and I have to type this section instead of just copying and pasting.  The nice thing, though, is that I don’t have to WRITE in the journal, I get to TYPE it, so… I hope you like my journal entry, I have nothing else to say.


I’ve been super excited for D.C. this whole trip, and today is the day! There are museums for just about everything there, not to mention all of the important monuments and buildings in the National Mall.

The drive will *only* be four hours after our eight hour drives from the past two days, so we have some time to tour some of Williamsburg. After an argument over what we wanted to do, we compromised and decided that we would go to Colonial Williamsburg. Colonial Williamsburg is a very good live size representation of what it would be like to live just a couple of years before the American Revolution. It was like a small town with houses, stores, restaurants, armories, and even a rebuild of the house that the Virginian governor right before the American Revolution lived.

Colonial Williamsburg!

The Virginia Governor’s mansion.  Look at all the guns!

We got to go inside the Virginia Capitol where some of the most important Colonists and British politicians worked. We got to go inside the jail cells in which some of the worst criminals were housed.  We even got to stick ourselves in a stockade!

We went in pretty much all of the buildings. It was kind of like a preview for D.C. This was my homeschooling for the day, and I think I learned in two different subjects. One, of course, would be Social Studies, and two… well you would only know two if you actually had the experience. Number two is P.E. because of all the walking, and it hurts a lot more when your legs are sore from a 10K three days earlier.

When I come back, my legs are going to feel like jelly. Okay, that’s not what I mean. I meant the squishy dessert that’s in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. The jelly is not me. It’s the auto-correct.

After the Colonial Williamsburg, we get to drive some more!!!!! Yay! That makes me really not so happy.  At least we arrive in D.C. 😀

Colonial Williamsburg!

Colonial Williamsburg!



10 thoughts on “Day 18: Colonial Williamsburg

  1. Where did you run the 10k. Did you do well. What else did you learn about the revolutionary war. A lot of things happened in willimasburg concerning the revolutionary war.


  2. Looks like you guys are having a blast!! Max rocked a 5k over Thanksgiving. Looking forward to getting all the little ones together in a race when you’re back 🙂


  3. Kaldy is going to love the pics of Colonial Williamsburg– and Alexander, I wonder if you’d heard the soundtrack to Hamilton, the musical? You would LOVE it. – from an obsessed Hamilton fan. (Tsering)


  4. Did you stay in Colonial Williamsburg? Also, I have heard that there is no electricity in Colonial Williamsburg and the people that work there wear old fashioned clothes. Are both of those facts true?


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