by Piper

Today we finished our long car ride! Finally!


Our first stop was in St. Augustine. We had lunch there.


Then we went to Charleston, South Carolina and slept there for the night.  The next day we rode the trolley to old Charleston.  There we rode in a carriage pulled by horse,  and I barfed cause of the smell… but someone barfed more than me!  The last thing we did was to go to the Fort Sumter museum where the Civil War began.



To be continued……..

4 thoughts on “Our Big Car Ride: Charleston

  1. What did you see at the Fort Sumter Museum? And you said it was the place where the Civil War began. I was wondering, who were the two generals in that battle?


  2. In Charleston, did you do something before sleeping. At Fort Sumter, did you learn more about Abraham Lincoln? Were there any other important people? What were some other important events? By the way, where’s St. Augustine? I’d love to here more.


  3. St Augustine is a great town. I went to high school there. Too bad you only passed through. There is a lot of history there. Did you get to go the Fort?


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