Sydney’s Notes from the South

by Sydney

In the south I learned that people eat fried green tomatoes, grits and gator. I do not like any of those foods.

Did you know that South Carolina where we are now was the state that said that they wanted to be their own country. President Lincoln said “no you may not be your own country”. Other states like Mississippi, Texas, Georgia and other states too. They agreed with South Carolina. Then they started the Civil War. The south was going to be called the Confedurisy and the north was going to be called the Union. The north won the civil war and now we are all one country.

12 thoughts on “Sydney’s Notes from the South

  1. I love fried green tomatoes! Did you try the gator? I have never tried it before. It does not sound particularly good. What does it taste like? We miss you all!


  2. Sydney, When you get to tour the White House, please let me know why the Oval Office is oval shaped? What is the name of President Obama’s dogs? Thanks for answering these questions for me and for all you information in your blog! I’m very impressed.


    • I’m sorry Lorrie our tour got candles because the president was in the Oval office but I would tell you if I knew. I miss you so much. I love you.


  3. I am reading this blog now, and it has been great! Also, how appropriate is this blog piece in light of what is going on in the White House. Thanks Belfiore family!


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