Why Alabama?  Two great reasons:

  1. it’s got so much rich history in terms of the Civil Rights movement
  2. my niece, Kaylie, just started law school at Cumberland!

We decided we’d spend a weekend there, doing a 3-hour drive from Atlanta and really getting our kids focused on learning about the South and Civil Rights.  Our homeschool-story for the kids is “we’re starting American History with recent events and working backward.”

Piper map - with a pen-6-2015.11.22-06.35.19

Piper’s map of the South

On the 3-hour drive to Birmingham, we had the kids draw maps of the south from memory and we watched the movie Selma in the car.  (The movie is great– we all learned quite a bit!)

And once we arrived, we spent a nice weekend with Kaylie, visiting the local farmers’ market, walking the parks and historic sites, visting the Birmingham Civil Rights Center– and getting in our first-ever experience escaping from a Locked Up room.  (we got out in 46 minutes using no hints!)


One thought on “Alabama: Birmingham & Montgomery historic spots

  1. You guys watched Selma. Amazing. Were Sidney and Piper scared at all. What’s a locked up room? I’m curious to find out. When you say working backwards in History, is that forward in time or backwards. Keep on writing


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