Our first city… Atlanta!  The perfect blend of educational and entertainment experiences to get our kids warmed up for endless weeks of museums and history.  (I’ll leave it to you do decide which of those CNN is. And the College Football Hall of Fame. 🙂

We spent two beautiful days seeing the sights, getting some historical perspective, setting up the first-effort on our blog, and one other “adventure” I’m writing more about below the first photo gallery.

Atlanta, Center for Civil and Human Rights

Atlanta, Center for Civil and Human Rights


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OK — this post is a test– we want to see if you would scroll below all those “activity photos” to get to the thing you REALLY want to know about…


We’ve been talking up the “food adventure” this trip is going to be for our chicken-tender-mac-and-cheese-yellow-food-loving-kids …  and we got it started in Atlanta.   (Yes, I realize “Waffle House” is like a palace of yellow food– but it’s WAFFLE HOUSE and we were in ATLANTA!  Stick with us here!)

For the record,  I forced all three of the kids to eat some fried green tomatoes and chicken gizzards.


One more story.

My favorite “food adventure” was the 30 minutes I forced the family to drive around on the way to Stone Mountain until we found somewhere authentic and not just a chain restaurant.  Imagine my delight when we discovered “Waffle King” — yes, that’s Waffle KING.  We were the only non-African Americans in the place.  Yummy and educational.  🙂

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8 thoughts on “Atlanta: Historic, Yummy and Fun

  1. I can’t believe you forced the kids to learn that stuff. Did they like it? Was Waffle King any good? You said you were the only non-whites in the restaurant. I’m confused


  2. Did you really get your kids to eat the food? Did they like it? Were they willing to try it or did you force them? What are the main types of food you eat.


  3. Just now getting caught up on you adventures. REALLY looking forward to the food adventures! Ya’ll should keep a running Top 10 and Worst 10 foods you eat on the trip(s)!


  4. You guys covered a lot of ground! Glad you got the Waffle House and Waffle King experience. If you ever go, back, head to the Varsity near Georgia Tech. Peach pie…..


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